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Moishe House is what being Jewish in your 20s is all about. We provide a space for over 60,000 young adults around the world to create meaningful, welcoming Jewish communities for themselves and their peers. Connect with your community and discover why so many call Moishe House home.

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Meet young Jewish leaders shaping the future of your Jewish community.

"MH for me is the space in where I can realize the ideas that had been maturing in my mind for a very long time. It is the most flexible organization, which is guided by admirable values, and always ready to give support to good ideas. Thanks to that support, in Tel Aviv we have been able to create a platform for open communication and free self-expression, full of learning, art and making ideas happen."

Marina Mesengiser

"Last year, I was a part of a six-month social justice cohort through Minyan of Thinkers, an organization supported by Moishe House. It was a powerful experience to share in community with folks, over an extended period of time, about difficult issues. We learned to disagree in generative ways, to support rigorous inquiry, and to listen deeply. I am now the curriculum designer for this program, which has supported growth and learning in many ways for me. Through this work, I was invited to this year's Kenissa Consultation, which was an extraordinary gathering as well!"

Mo Golden

"Moishe House is providing me with the unique ability to help build the community in which I hope to live. Currently, I am gaining community building and organizing skills while offering programs and activities for my community as well as myself. The Jewish community is more vibrant for Moishe House being in it and the entire community, myself included, is benefiting from that vibrancy. In the future, I hope to remain in this community and continue to build it in other ways. My time in Moishe House will help me to build the platform for even more growth in the future and also provide me with the experience to continue that work."

Kyle Savitch

"When I moved to DC in 2008, I didn’t really know too many people and had no family in the area, so the Jewish community was an easy and a great way to make friends. I realized that many of my friends were also alone up here without our families nearby. So I decided to step up and take the lead and host the major holidays and Shabbat for my friends. It also felt more intimate, fun, familiar and less stressful than going to a large holiday event with hundreds of people. From there, my dinners grew tremendously and I became known for hosting Shabbat dinners. A friend approached me in 2013 about co-hosting a Sephardic Shabbat service/dinner. I agreed and it was a massive success! From there, I began hosting monthly Shabbat dinners through my organization Sephardic Jews in DC."

Jacqueline Feldman