Immersive Jewish Learning Retreats

COVID-19 Update:

Updated April 19, 2021

We are continuing to monitor COVID-19 data points in all of our Retreat locations. We are encouraged by the progress of the global vaccination campaign as well as the availability of COVID-19 testing. We will host in-person Retreats only when the local government allows for outdoor gatherings of 25+ individuals (Moishe Houses Programming Stage 3). 

If you have further questions, please reach out to Jonah Rothstein, Associate Director of Jewish Education Retreats

Moishe House (MH) Immersive Jewish Learning Retreats are transformative experiences that train MH residents, hosts, and new members of our community. Together, we explore new program ideas and facilitation skills that participants take back to their home communities.

Immersive Jewish Learning Retreats

Jewish Learning Retreats

Jun 18-20, 2021

This past year+ has fundamentally altered the ways in which we gather as a community. We have shifted much of our lives to virtual settings in order to protect ourselves and others. As the paradigm begins to shift, what does it look like to return to being in community, in-person? Our first Overnight Retreat of 2021 will be an exploration of mindfulness practice and a celebration of returning to a safe, in-person communal setting. (The Retreat will take place from 3pm on Friday June 18 until 1pm on Sunday June 20)

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Jun 27, 2021

According to Jewish text, participation in communal affairs is not an option but a religious obligation. Going beyond the Jewish community and building relationships and partnerships is an important step to make the world a more just and peaceful place. Spend a day with peers and experts exploring coalition building in order to build partnerships on issues of common cause when you return home. (The Retreat will take place between 10am-4pm on Sunday June 27)

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Jul 9-11, 2021

Have you ever wanted to spend Shabbat under the stars? This is your chance! With professional outdoor guides, we will venture into the wilderness of Great Smoky Mountains National Park for an amazing weekend of hiking, rock climbing and exploring. Join us for an incredible Shabbat of a shared outdoor experience that you won't forget. (The Retreat will take place from 3pm on Friday July 9 until 1pm on Sunday July 11)

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Jul 11, 2021

Climate change is showing up in our lives here and now; not in the distant future. What does Judaism teach us about our shared responsibility of caring for planet earth? What practical steps can we take in our day-to-day lives to mitigate our carbon footprint? Together we will explore these and other ideas of how we can care for the earth and what Judaism can teach us to enhance our environmentalism practices. (The Retreat will take place between 10am-4pm on Sunday July 11)

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Our Retreat plans are flexible and dates will change based on COVID-19 public health outcomes.

Retreats will happen if and only if it is safe to gather, determined by existing MH criteria:

    • Local municipality allows for gatherings of 25+ in an outdoor location
    • Individual proof of vaccination OR virus testing will be a requirement for in-person Retreats
    • Physical distancing, masks, and other health and safety protocols will be in place during in-person Retreats
We strongly uphold the primacy of the Jewish value Pikuach Nefesh, the preservation of life. In a pandemic scenario, we follow the best scientific and governmental advice available regarding risk factors and err on the side of heavy caution, even at the cost of in-person programming.

The Arc of a Retreat

At a Moishe House Immersive Jewish Learning Retreat, you can expect everything from group study to singalongs to friendship. We believe in creating a space to ask the most pressing spiritual questions of our lives. We recognize that many of us didn’t grow up leading Jewish programs and rituals and now seek to find our own meaning in them. Through experiential and participatory learning, our dynamic team of educators inspires with the ritual skills and training necessary to inspire others back home. 

Our Retreats are fully subsidized thanks to the generosity of our funders. We convene at high-quality retreat centers throughout the U.S. and bring seasoned, credentialed Jewish educators to teach on a range of topics. Our goal is to give you knowledge and skills that will help you create innovative programming for your Jewish communities at home.

People come to Moishe House with many different experiences of Jewish life. Moishe House is committed to making everyone feel welcome and making it known that they are an important part of the conversation despite the level of their Jewish knowledge, experience or affiliation with any movement. We do our best to accommodate participants’ needs, including Shomer Shabbat, dietary restrictions and beyond as needed.


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