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Immersive Jewish Experiences

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 At a Moishe House Immersive Jewish Experience, you can expect everything from group study to singalongs to friendship. We believe in creating a space to ask the most pressing spiritual questions of our lives. We recognize that many of us didn’t grow up leading Jewish programs and rituals and now seek to find our own meaning in them. Through experiential and participatory learning, our dynamic team of educators inspires with the ritual skills and training necessary to inspire others back home.

Our Retreats are fully subsidized thanks to the generosity of our funders. We convene at high-quality retreat centers throughout the U.S. and bring seasoned, credentialed Jewish educators to teach on a range of topics. Our goal is to give you knowledge and skills that will help you create innovative programming for your Jewish communities at home.

People come to Moishe House with many different experiences of Jewish life. Moishe House is committed to making everyone feel welcome and making it known that they are an important part of the conversation despite the level of their Jewish knowledge, experience, or affiliation with any movement. We do our best to accommodate participants’ needs, including Shomer Shabbat, dietary restrictions and beyond as needed.


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North America Retreats

Jewish Learning Retreats

Dec 2-4, 2022

Base is the home of a Rabbinic family which serves as a home-base for community, learning, and mentorship. Join your Base community for a weekend retreat where we will celebrate Shabbat together through spirited song, discussion, and prayer (traditional and experimental) and of course food and play! For this retreat, we are only accepting applications from individuals who live in Harlem or plan to actively participate in the Based in Harlem community.

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Dec 2-4, 2022
Dec 15-18, 2022

Join us for the 1st ever Moishe House Alumni-Only Retreat at Camp Ramah in Ojai, CA, December 16-18! This retreat is open to any former resident or MHWOW Host in North America between 26 and 39 years old who is a member of the Ambassador Circle and will be an opportunity to come together and celebrate the experience of being a Moishe House Community Builder. Expect a Moishe House-style Shabbat experience as well as Jewish learning and a chance to give feedback on the future of alumni engagement at Moishe House. Alumni are eligible for up to $250 in travel subsidy. If you’re interested in joining the Ambassador Circle, please contact Josh Traulsen at or 602.430.0923.

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Jan 27-29, 2023

כִּֽי־עָפָ֣ר אַ֔תָּה וְאֶל־עָפָ֖ר תָּשֽׁוּב - “For dust you are, And to dust you shall return.” Jewish wisdom and tradition celebrate life, but have you ever wondered how they approach death? Join educators Sarit Wishnevsky of Kavod 'Nichum (Hebrew for "Honor and Comfort"), in collaboration with Moishe House educator, Elyssa Hurwitz, in exploring personal and Jewish connection with end-of-life practices. We will discuss the rituals that Judaism offers for grief and mourning, discover how we can shape rituals, and explore how our communities show up for one another during these liminal times. By weaving together ancient Jewish texts and rituals with modern innovation, together, we will consider how to make death rituals our own and how our communities play a role in this process.

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Global Communities Retreats

Jewish Learning Retreats

Dec 2-4, 2022

We are happy to invite you to the very first MHWOW Global Communities learning retreat! Perhaps you are the North Star that guides others or you’re the joy that brightens up a room. You might also even inspire others to do more! MHWOW hosts know better than anyone how crucial it is to be the light for others in times of darkness. Join the very first MHWOW retreat for Global Communities, Be the Light, from December 2-4 at Kibbutz Yearim in Israel to spend Shabbat together and discover what it means for you to be this light! With a mix of Hannukah, self-care, Jewish rituals, and more we will be ready to re-enter into our communities with more energy and light than ever. Interested in attending? Email to learn more!

Dec 9-11, 2022


4HQ Israel Encounters is a yearlong program of webinars, in-person gatherings, 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and one weeklong trip through Israel. The aim of this program is to equip Moishe House residents and MHWOW hosts with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to create and facilitate meaningful programs about Israel. Learn more and apply.


Learn how to create a Jewish gathering for your friends and community from start to finish.

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