Jewish Learning Retreats

Moishe House Jewish Learning and Leadership Retreats are multi-day, immersive learning experiences that train Jewish young adults worldwide in ritual and program skills. They are:

  • Immersive: Enter a new (head)space that’s away from the everyday.
  • Inclusive: Learn in a truly pluralistic environment – no judgements or prerequisites.
  • Interactive: Learn while DOING, through hands-on sessions taught by incredible Jewish educators.
  • Implementable: We focus on teaching TANGIBLE skills which will serve you in your role as a Jewish leader – Moishe House and beyond.
In short, Moishe House Retreats are a place to learn how to be “youish” – Jewish in a way that makes sense for you!


There are two main types of Retreats:

  • Staff-Led (led by a Moishe House staff person and guest educators)
  • Peer-Led (led by a trained facilitator who participated in our Retreatology program).

See below for a calendar and descriptions of upcoming staff-led Retreats.

Staff-Led Retreats

Oct 19-21, 2018

Social media, social calendars, work schedules - it's easy to shift into autopilot. But when was the last time you did something ON purpose and WITH purpose? Join Moishe House for an intesnive weekend of mindfulness, meditation, text study, silent practice and yoga - all from a Jewish perspective. Come with an open mind and leave with the tools to integrate a Jewish mindfulness practice into your personal life AND your community programs.

Nov 2-4, 2018

MHWOW hosts play so many roles (social connector, Jewish educator, creative director, facilitator, stage manager…. Chef? YENTA?) and now it’s your turn to learn how to enhance these hosting skills at ELEVATE RETREAT: 5 KEYS TO SUCCESSFUL HOSTING, a MHWOW Learning Retreat, on November 2-4, 2018 conveniently located just outside the Washington DC area. Join 35 other MHWOW hosts, Moishe House staff, and professional educators to develop strategies to build a stronger Jewish community in a beautiful, relaxing retreat setting.

Nov 9-11, 2018

At Retreatology: the Art of Jewish Retreat-Making, you will learn how to create a Jewish gathering for your friends and community from start to finish. From goal-setting to venue selection to experience design, we cover it all. We are looking for community builders, creatives, and people who dream big! After Retreatology, you are eligible for a grant up to $5,000 to plan and execute the Jewish learning retreat you have always dreamed of creating. Whether it's creative writing or Jewish mindfulness, Jews & food or Torah yoga...the topic is up to you! Retreatology and Moishe House are here to make it possible.

Nov 30 - Dec 2, 2018

Do you have a community-building, social enterprising, opportunity-creating idea that you just can’t seem to get off the ground? Join like-minded do-ers for a weekend of personal coaching and professional mentorship to turn your goals into a game plan. This is not a retreat, but a summit. That means great minds coming together to share what they know and learn from EACH OTHER, so get ready for some exchange and change!

Dec 14-16, 2018

What’s a mezuzah? Why do I need one? What can I feed 50 people that suits everyone’s dietary restrictions and my budget? Sometimes being the hostess with the mostest is harder than it seems, especially with guests coming from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Let’s swap some strategies for how we can welcome ALL into our homes, whether that means a quick kitchen Kashering or some Autism friendly icebreakers. We’re rolling out the welcome mat, cause this one’s an open invitation!


We celebrate and encourage shomer shabbat/observant participants to attend Moishe House retreats! Please connect with Meghan Rodarte or Rabbi Brad to confirm how we can accommodate your personal observance practice and discuss any questions/concerns about a specific upcoming retreat. All Moishe House retreats are fully vegetarian or held at supervised Kosher facilities. Moishe House welcomes participants of all Jewish movements and practices to attend our Jewish learning retreats.


Learn how to create a Jewish gathering for your friends and community from start to finish.

Create Your Own Learning Retreat