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Create Your Dream Jewish Community

Whether you love to host gatherings, facilitate conversations, create spaces for Jewish rituals, or just to bring people together, becoming a Moishe House or Pod (pronounced “moy-shuh”) resident provides you with the opportunity to create a pluralistic Jewish community that’s yours! Moishe House invites Jewish young adults to create monthly programming with your roommate(s) for your local community and become a part of a global Jewish network. We provide the tools and support, you create the programs that fit your interests and community – all are welcome to apply!

Not sure if you should be a Moishe House resident because you’ve felt like you didn’t belong in a Jewish community previously, didn’t feel “Jewish enough”, or may not have a deep Jewish historical or ritual knowledge?

Not sure if you should be a Moishe House resident because you’re Shabbat-observant, keep intentionally kosher, and have a deep love for torah and singing zemirot around the table?

Guess what – you may be EXACTLY who we’re looking for! Moishe House is looking to open intentionally kosher and Shabbat-observant locations AND locations for those of you who have felt you’ve never belonged. Please contact us so we can tell you more!

Check out our current Moishe House or Pod openings below.

What's In It For You?


2-5 friends live together in a rented home


Host gatherings 3-7 times per month


Receive a generous rent subsidy and program budget (includes funds for kosher food)


Get additional support and resources from Moishe House staff


Join a global community

“Before Moishe House, I didn't realize that community could be made to be so specific. Sharing a heritage or religion is sometimes not enough to bring together community; shared experiences, perspectives, and visions for the future matter too. It feels amazing to really be connected to and comfortable with a group of young adults from the broader community.” -David, Moishe Pod Queens Resident

“Moishe House has impacted my life in many ways. Thanks to my flatmates I’ve found a new family and we work together to create our small Jewish community. We experience a lot of joy and happiness during our events and Moishe House has given us the opportunity to improve ourselves every day.” -Emma, Moishe House Budapest Resident

“I am forever grateful to Moishe House for giving me the resources to create a warm home infused with a love of Judaism, Torah, and mitzvot, and to make space and community for young Jews of both religious and non-religious backgrounds alike." -Hannah Leeman, 26, MH Philadelphia & Baltimore Resident Alumna, Medical Student & Vaccine Strategist

Interested in starting a House or Pod in a different location?

Apply as an individual or a group to open a Moishe House or Pod near you.

Application Process


ApplicationFill out an application as an individual (and we will match you with other applicants) or apply as a group


Group InterviewZoom call with Moishe House staff to better understand your vision for your Moishe House/Pod


VerificationReference and background checks for all members of the group


GreenlightApproval for your group to launch your Moishe House


House HuntingFind the house of your dreams with support and resources from Moishe House staff


Onboarding & OpeningOn-boarding and training with your Community Manager and program launch

Recommend a Friend

Know someone who would make a great Moishe House or Pod resident? Moishe House is looking for Jewish young adults aged 21-32 in cities around the world who are interested in building and leading their dream Jewish community with their friends. Refer a friend and become eligible to win a $50 AirBnB experience gift card.

Recommend a Friend

Get In Touch

Joshua Goldberg

Director, Expansion

If you would like to learn more or have specific questions about North American Moishe Houses or Pods, please contact .


Eva Srut

Senior Director of Global Communities

If you would like to learn more or have specific questions about International or a Russian-speaking Moishe House or Pod, contact 

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