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Why Join Moishe House?

There’s nothing better than having your own community – a place where everyone knows your name and where you can be your authentic self with people who share your values, your ideals, and your worldview.

That’s what Moishe House offers to young Jewish adults in their 20s and early 30s. Our communities provide spaces to gather and socialize, observe Shabbat when you want to, celebrate Jewish holidays, or make new friends if that’s what you need the most. Moishe House is a global pluralistic network of communities that has a little something or everyone. In fact, some have said it’s where you can be YOU-ish!


Find a Moishe House or Pod

Moishe House and Moishe Pod residents host a wide range of programs, all created by Jewish adults in their 20s especially for their peers. And they can’t wait to meet you! With more than 100 communities in 25+ countries, there’s probably a Moishe House or Moishe Pod in a neighborhood near you.


Become a Host

Join a global network of creators, lifelong learners, explorers, and leaders who plan and create intentional Jewish experiences for their friends and peers. Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW – pronounced letter “M”, letter “H”, and “WOW”) provides you with the support, educational, and financial resources to bring your vision to life and to cultivate a Jewish community that’s yours.


Attend an Immersive Experience

Moishe House Immersive Jewish Experiences take place around the world! They range from reliving your childhood at an adult summer camp to reconnecting with nature and yourself at a Jewish learning retreat, to spending a week at sea on an exciting cruise!


I wanted to come to Retreatology because I’m a gatherer. I love curating events and bringing people together. to come to an actual retreat to learn how to actually do this and be given the resources by Moishe House was such a great opportunity.

My leadership experience as an MHWOW host has been transformative. MH is all about being empowering; it’s saying you’re a leader and have leadership qualities and we’ll give you the money and support to make that happen. Having that kind of support has enabled me to make my home into a place of community gathering. [Moishe House] has been one of the most formative experiences of my twenties.

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