Our Impact

To gauge the success of the Moishe House model and measure organization- and demographic-wide trends, Moishe House conducts frequent comprehensive evaluations of young adults involved in Moishe House programming. The most recent evaluation was conducted in 2017-2018, with results published in the spring of 2018. You can see the Executive Summary of this evaluation here:

By reaching residents, resident alumni, Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW) hosts, community members and past participants, we are able to get a finger on the pulse of the young adult Jewish community around the world. These evaluations measure changes in young adults during their time with Moishe House, including their involvement in the Jewish community, confidence as leaders, knowledge of Jewish ritual, and more. Very important developments in Moishe House’s history have emerged thanks to previous evaluations, including the creation of our Jewish Learning Retreats and the emergence of MHWOW, which was initially imagined exclusively as an engagement mechanism for resident alumni, but has grown and expanded to far more.

Understanding Our Impact: A 2015 Global Evaluation

Moishe House’s 2015 independent evaluation, led by Bay Area-based Informing Change, built upon the comprehensive study conducted in 2011. In 2015, we focused on learning more about its impact during its expansion, including the behavioral and attitudinal impact of Moishe House on residents, alumni and participants. This study also set the stage for a follow-up evaluation of many of the same participants in 2017-2018 to measure longer-term impact of Moishe House involvement.

Informing Change Evaluation

TCC Group: 2011 Evaluation

In 2011, Moishe House completed a two-year external evaluation that was conducted by The TCC Group. The evaluation was commissioned by the Jim Joseph Foundation and included interviews, focus groups, site visits and a large scale online survey.

TCC Group Executive Summary TCC Group Executive Summary (Charts)