Passover Seder Guide 2024: A Haggadah Companion by Bluth

Passover – our holiday of gathering, memory, sensorial storytelling and miracle. Of the intergenerational journey towards more and more and more freedom. For each of us, all of us.

The Seder is a journey, full of rituals which bring us out of our mundane mindsets, towards something broader, more purposeful and pleasurable.

And yet, we often don’t understand the Seder’s structure, or the transformation it is inviting us into, or the way the rituals each have purpose – which weave together to create something powerful! It’s often hard to show up and see the old words in new ways.

But that’s something we all need – renewal and wisdom infused into our Seders so that it can truly guide us, and inspire us as we navigate these complex times.

“Throughout the Seder, we learn, we ask, we taste, we yearn, we remember and praise. We tell the story and we tell our stories.

We learn how freedom and unfreedom are so mixed up with each other. We celebrate being free (ata b’nai chorin), while we pray for true redemption for all (shana haba’a b’yerushalaim).

We make space for brokenness – of the world, of our hearts, through broken matzah and salt water and wine. And that brings greater wholeness and a truer freedom.

We remember that our freedom is both personal, yet collective and intergenerational. That it is precious to be here together, connected to Jewish people around the world gathering, remembering, and storytelling.”

So, here is a new Seder Guide for you for 2024! Best to read it before Passover in preparation for the holiday, and then bring it to your Seders for succinct insights to help frame and guide you alongside your Haggadah. The hope is to create more clarity and resonance in our Passover night rituals, so it can be as meaningful and impactful as possible.

Please click on this link to download the seder guide! Enjoy & feel free to share!