Moishe House Announces Acquisition of “Embark,” Expanding Opportunities for Jewish Engagement among Interfaith Couples

Organizations will expand young adult engagement by offering couples an inclusive space for exploration, celebration, and connection within the broader Jewish community

August 21, 2023 – Moishe House, the global leader in providing vibrant Jewish community experiences to young adults, is excited to announce its acquisition of Embark, an innovative program fostering meaningful connections among interfaith couples in their 20s and 30s.

Embark is grounded in the belief that diversity enriches the Jewish tapestry. Originally inspired by Central Synagogue’s Center for Exploring Judaism, Embark provides the opportunity for couples seeking to connect with Jewish life, traditions, and community without judgment.

During its formative stages, Embark was housed at the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), which served as an incubator for the program. While there, Embark tested different ways of engaging with couples across pilot communities, capturing insights and learnings to guide the project’s future trajectory. Embark’s leadership is confident that Moishe House is an ideal home to facilitate the program’s continued growth.

“It has been a very exciting process to confirm the transition of Embark over to Moishe House. “We are thrilled with the partnership and feel that Moishe House will run Embark beautifully as a separate program with a unique brand and identity,” shares Laura Lauder, sponsor of Embark.

Embark’s mission complements Moishe House’s goal, which aims to engage young adults in Jewish community, learning, and leadership. With an emphasis on building strong connections, Moishe House is well-positioned to uplift Embark by leveraging its extensive resources, including Base, the Jewish Learning Collaborative, Jewish learning retreats, and a global network of 70,000+ community members and leaders.

“Being able to provide high quality and scalable programming to connect young interfaith couples with each other and Rabbis is a wonderful opportunity for the entire Jewish community. We feel fortunate to be able to build out Embark to serve more couples and cohorts.” David Cygielman, CEO, Moishe House

Since its inception, Embark has launched successful pilot cohorts in Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. Local partnerships with organizations like Base, Honeymoon Israel, Tribe 12, and local Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) have contributed to the program’s growth and impact. Moishe House will amplify the impact of Embark by launching three additional cohorts in 2024, allowing even more couples to set out on their unique Jewish journey together.


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