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Shalom Y’all, welcome to Moishe House Triangle, serving Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh! We live in the heart of Downtown Durham, right off the highway, with easy access, great parking and the promise of delicious (and free) food! We take saying “Shalom Y’all” very seriously, as creating meaningful and intentional Jewish spaces in the south is incredibly important to us. Shalom means hello, goodbye and peace. We would love to say hello! Message us before your first event or just show up, we would love to have you anytime and can’t wait to great you! The three of us living in the house hope to create a peaceful and safe environment. We really mean it when we say Y’all! Regardless of your Jewish background, gender, relationship status, experience, or hobbies, y’all are always welcome! Carson, Rebecca and Averyl take great pride in creating fun events and making new friends! If you have an awesome idea we would love to hear from you. Check out our Facebook page and sign up for our monthly newsletter so you never miss an event! From hikes to happy hours, Shabbat dinners to sports viewing parties, community service projects to holiday celebrations; we hope to create a variety of events that appeal to you. All of us at the house and our amazing community members value creating strong communities based on friendships, celebrations, networking and creating our own unique sense of Jewish life for young adults.
See you soon!

WE ARE creating our Jewish future!

Moishe House Triangle wouldn’t exist without the support of people who believe in us and what we do. Once a year, we ask our community members to participate in giving back through the WE ARE Campaign. Beginning Aug 13th - Sept 25th, every dollar that you donate will go directly into programming here at Moishe House Triangle! Thank you for supporting our house and making a difference in the future of Jewish life in The Triangle.



Our Residents

Morgan Kaplan

Favorite Holiday
Norfolk, Virginia
Grad Student

Eliana Light

Favorite Holiday
Shmini Atzeret
Memphis TN
Educator and Musician

Hillel Price

Favorite Holiday
Crystal Lake, IL and Durham, NC
Research Scientist


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Generously sponsored by: Emanuel J. Friedman Philanthropies, The Leon Levine Foundation and Sandra and Leon Levine Also supported by: Anonymous, Dan and Sumi Ariely, Leah Austin, Kirsten Baldwin and Justin Steinschriber, The Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation, Fredric and Jane Bobroff, Charles and Caren Gale, Dana and Andrew Kapustin, Fred and Marilyn Kraus, Peter Levinson, and local supporters through the annual resident-driven WE ARE Campaign

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