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Exciting piece of news of the day: Paris just became the first international city to have two Moishe Houses!

As the second and newest in town, we are happy to offer a different way of living and sharing Jewish values. Our home will focus on young adults and internationals either established in Paris or coming by for a bit in order to build a chill vibe together, centred around a community as diverse as possible. The idea is to have an option for each and everyone of you – Chabad, modern orthodox, traditionalist, conservative, JewBu, progressive, undefined or simply confused, you are welcome.

To achieve this goal, we decided to have two sets of dishes and keep kashrut at home, so you have no excuse not to come and try! Having three residents with diverse and different views on judaism and circles of friends certainly helps, but we would also love to hear from you and take up on your own ideas.

Some events we have in mind for now are the unavoidable Pourim party or Pesah seder, but also more innovative initiatives as an interfaith speakers event, a Syrian refugee story telling afternoon, Sunday morning workouts, Yoga sessions to be more flexible, introspection time with Jewish meditation, spoken word poetry to express your artistic side, literature of the world readings and discussions to better understand our global society, and so much more.

If you want to bring your stone to that new edifice, we would be more than happy to listen, create and shape a programme together. Feel free to contact us on, check out our events on the Moishe House Paris-Beaubourg Facebook page, join the Facebook group and enter this exciting experience.
Much love and devotion,

Your Moishe House Paris-Beaubourg Residents,

David, Elie & Yael

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Generously Supported By: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Anonymous, Fondation du Judaïsme Français, Fonds Social Juif Unifie, Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah, Institut Alain de Rothschild, UJA - Federation of New York and Moishe House International Fund Also Supported By: Young adult community builders giving back through our alumni Ambassador Circle and annual resident-driven WE ARE Campaign This project has been funded by the Kantor Foundation and delivered with the support of the European Jewish Fund.

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