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Already 2 years in operation, the RSJ Moishe House in Chicago is not only the first to begin the RSJ legacy with the Moishe House community, but has also been crowned the largest RSJ Moishe House in the world! With its revival in 2016, the house continues to spear-head the Jewish Community involvement with events ranging from giant social gatherings (400 people and more!) to smaller, more intimate Jewish foundational programs.

The RSJ MH Chicago hosts a variety of events that are aimed to strengthen and encourage the broadening of the Russian-Jewish and Jewish heritage in Chicago. It is not uncommon to come in the middle of the week and run into a creative Jewish learning program; or even find yourself among several young-adults at the family-style Shabbat dinners. The house encourages to check out the calendar and join the RSJ Chicago house for an incredible experience!

WE ARE creating our Jewish future!

Moishe House Chicago - RSJ wouldn’t exist without the support of people who believe in us and what we do. Once a year, we ask our community members to participate in giving back through the WE ARE Campaign. Beginning Aug 13th - Sept 25th, every dollar that you donate will go directly into programming here at Moishe House Chicago - RSJ! Thank you for supporting our house and making a difference in the future of Jewish life in Chicago - RSJ.



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Lance Diamond

Alex Kislov

Richard Lekakh

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Buffalo Grove, Illinois
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Michael Varshavsky

Odessa, Ukraine


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