Spotlight on Ben Berger

We are excited to launch our very first Alumni Appreciation Month to celebrate the many young adults who have helped to create unmatched experiences around the globe. We are continuing to celebrate the young adults who have helped to build Moishe House into what it is today by highlighting alumni stories, ways to stay connected, and ways to give back.

Our next feature spotlights alumni Ben Berger, former Moishe House resident at our North Hollywood and Sherman Oaks houses. Learn about ways to participate as an alumni.


Featured Alumnus: Ben Berger
Current Location: Los Angeles, California (USA)

By: Loán Lake, Senior Communications Manager


How It Started

photo of Ben Berger looking at camera

Image Credit: Photo courtesy of Ben Berger

Can you recall that moment when you just knew you had found your community? Moishe House alumnus Ben Berger does. The Los Angeles native is an actor and writer who had left his hometown for five years to pursue his career. When he returned home, Ben found that he no longer felt that he had a community to call his own. He first heard about Moishe House through numerous people and was hooked after attending the opening event for a brand-new house which happened to be hosted by three of his childhood friends. He continued to participate as an attendee until an opportunity opened for him to become a Moishe House resident in 2017 and begin hosting events along with his friends. During his three-year tenure, Ben was a resident at Moishe House North Hollywood, then in Sherman Oaks.

“I made it my Moishe mission to create a community for those who may not have one, a place where everyone felt included and wanted,” he said. His favorite ‘Moishe Moment’ other than the national conventions that occur across the U.S. for all residents to connect in person, was the opportunity to visit a close friend at the Moishe House in Jerusalem. “If it weren’t for Moishe House, we never would have met nor seen each other in Israel. Through Moishe House I have met other young Jewish leaders throughout the world,” he said.

He also credits his involvement in the Moishe House community with providing unforgettable moments, building a strong community, and helping him to expand his professional network. “Last year, I was introduced by a community member to a writer/producer who was looking for a comedic, Jewish writer to help [develop] a game, thus The Chosen One™ card game was created and now It is played all over the world,” he said.

How It’s Going

Two of Ben’s biggest takeaways from his Moishe House experiences was to always be himself and the realization that the younger generation truly is the future of the Jewish people. He intends to do his part by becoming a host for Moishe House Without Walls – Moishe House’s programming for its global community of non-resident leaders. “Moishe House is here to [help us] build our own personal, Jewish communities throughout the world, [thereby] furthering the Jewish People. As the world opens up, I will plan some events and continue [to build the beautiful community I have created,” he said.