Moishe House Alumni

As a Moishe House alum, your journey isn’t over when your time as a resident, host, or retreat participant comes to an end.


We’ve created a space for former program participants, residents, and hosts to interact, reminisce, and create a legacy for the young adults following in your footsteps.

Moishe House continues to provide support, engagement opportunities, and guidance for Moishe House Alumni, in addition to providing access to a thriving network of passionate and talented Jewish young adults around the world.

Become a Donor

The amazing experience that Moishe House provides could not be possible without the generous support from donors. Our goal is to create a deep, lasting impact on every person who crosses our threshold. Whether you are helping other Jewish young adults to find their community as a resident, or learning about the culture at one of our immersive retreats, we encourage you to help us expand our reach with a meaningful gift of $15/month or more.  Members of the Moishe House Giving Communities have access to exclusive swag and experiences, receive recognition on our website and in our annual report, and the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping to ensure that those who come behind  will have access to the same amazing opportunities.

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Being a Moishe House alum comes with access to Jewish Learning Scholarships, the Moishe House Networking Forum, increased Jewish Learning Retreat travel subsidies, priority consideration for MHWOW, and the Alumni Giving Communities. Explore the many ways you can remain connected and participate in our programs.

Immersive Jewish Learning Retreats

Moishe House Alumni enjoy increased travel subsidies of up to $250 to attend staff-led retreats across the globe. Want to create your own retreat with a grant of up to $5,000? Check out Retreatology.

Moishe House Networking Forum

Join fellow alumni and community builders in an exclusive forum for employment and engagement opportunities with vetted Moishe House leaders.

Moishe House Without Walls

Join a global network of creators, lifelong learners, explorers, and leaders who plan and create intentional Jewish experiences for their friends and peers. MHWOW provides you with the support, educational, and financial resources to bring your vision to life and to cultivate a Jewish community that’s yours. Moishe House alumni get priority consideration!

Camp Nai Nai Nai

Camp Nai Nai Nai is the ultimate Jewish summer camp for adults in their 20s and 30s! Launched in 2017, this all-inclusive weekend experience has become a staple of Jewish young adult life on the East Coast (Pennsylvania), West Coast (SF Bay area), and is coming soon to the Midwest (Chicago area).

Alumni Jewish Learning Scholarships

Apply for a scholarship to help offset the costs of participating in an immersive Jewish learning experience that is outside of Moishe House. For more information on Scholarships, please reach out to

Work at Moishe House

Being a part of the Moishe House team means you gain a caring and supportive global community of coworkers, competitive compensation and benefits, professional development, mentoring and skill-building opportunities, occasional travel, and a fun work environment.

Alumni Spotlight

Community has always been important to Emily McDonnell (MHWOW '15-'18). The former Moishe House Without Walls host who grew up in Dinétah, the ancestral land of the Navajo nation in Arizona.  While attending college in Tucson, Arizona, Emily was actively involved in the Jewish community and had no trouble finding peers with whom she could connect. Once her college days were over, however, she found herself longing for ongoing engagement with other young Jewish adults.

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List of Donors

  • Ari Abramson
  • Jonah Adams
  • Gabrielle Adler
  • Sophia Adler
  • Brandi Applebaum
  • Luanna Azulay
  • Matt Bar
  • Rebecca Bar
  • Chaya Bar-Chaim
  • Benjamin Barth
  • Jon Basha
  • Aliza Baskir
  • Bradley Baskir
  • Daniel Ben-Chitrit
  • Ely Benhamo
  • Ben Berger
  • Loren Berman
  • Rebecca Blady
  • Julie Bock
  • Jeremy Borovitz
  • Michael Braun
  • Elli Brodsky Klein
  • Tyler Brown
  • Yoni Buckman
  • Jake Campbell
  • Andrew Casper
  • Sydnee Chavis
  • Jack Cohen
  • Lilly Contino
  • Rachel Corcos
  • Kristen Corradeno
  • Joel Croft
  • Rebecca Daniels
  • Zachary Demby
  • Topher Dial
  • Adam Dobrusin
  • Amanda Drasnin
  • Megan Drasnin
  • Abby Eisen
  • Natalie Eisner
  • Adam Engel
  • Jonathan Epstein
  • Evan Fehler
  • Leah Fingerman
  • Michael Fingerman
  • James Fleishman
  • Jordan Friedman
  • Jason Friend
  • Hannah Maia Frishberg
  • Bevin Fritz-Waters
  • Donna Fuks
  • Samuel Fuks
  • Simona Gilman
  • Eden Gobuty
  • Lander Gold
  • Alyssa Gorenberg
  • Rachel Greenberg
  • Cody Greenes
  • Julie Griner
  • Stefanie Groner
  • Daniel Guetta
  • Rebecca Habalow
  • Tiffany Harris
  • Jonathan Hartig
  • Sonya Heckht
  • Rachael Himovitz Kallick
  • Audrey Hirschl
  • Derek Holodak
  • Jonathan Hornstein
  • Dan Horwitz
  • Miriam Horwitz
  • Todd Jelken
  • Spencer Kallick
  • Carol Kaplan
  • Danielle Kaplan
  • Sara Karol
  • Anonymous
  • Jeremy Katz
  • Valerie Katz
  • Jerome Kelman
  • Anna Kernus
  • Brooke Khazanovich
  • Jakob Khazanovich
  • Mark Khazanovich
  • Todd Kirschen
  • Sam Koralnik
  • Dammara Kovnats Hall
  • Joshua Kramer
  • Jacob Kranitz
  • Mariah Kretch
  • Roey Kruvi
  • Zoe Levenson
  • Jessica Levenson Mirsky
  • Jeremy Levin
  • Analucia Lopezrevoredo
  • Joel Lowinger
  • Bryan Malyn
  • Steve Marcinuk
  • Sam Markowitz
  • Emily Mathae
  • Daniel Meer
  • Natanya Meyer
  • Aliza Minkina
  • Miriam Mosbacher
  • Jeremy Moskowitz
  • Liza Moskowitz
  • Alissa Mroz
  • Elizabeth Naman
  • Mark Nathanson
  • Natasha Nefedyeva
  • Josh Neirman
  • Zachary Nelson
  • Tara Nykiel
  • Lisa Oldfield Sitomer
  • Elaine Potter
  • Taras Prakapenka
  • Dave Press
  • Marina Privorotsky
  • Cheryl Pruce
  • David Raygorodsky
  • Laura Reader
  • Erika Rief Hornstein
  • Leslie Rogoff
  • Ben Romaner
  • Mollie Rose
  • Max Roseman
  • Evan Rosenstock
  • Adam Rossano
  • Jonah Rothstein
  • Elizabeth Rubin
  • Gabe Rubin
  • Ben Sadan
  • Susan Salgan
  • Benjamin Sattin
  • Michele Schulman
  • Joshua Schwartz
  • Philip Seper
  • Eran Sharon
  • Faustine Sigal
  • Daniel Silverstein
  • Jason Sitomer
  • Amanda Snow
  • Jacqueline Soria
  • Abraham Sorock
  • Daniel Spiegelman
  • Elisheva Sprung
  • Joel Stanley
  • Ellie Sterns
  • Jake Sullivan
  • Ben Suster
  • Leora Tarshish
  • Josh Traulsen
  • Ben Varhula
  • Klara Alexandra Vesela
  • Diana Warth Bregman
  • Nathan Wasserman
  • Shai Weener
  • Shana Weiner
  • Mary Ann Weiss
  • Brandon Welner
  • Erica Wilens
  • Avi Wolf
  • Terry Wunder
  • Jessica Yaffe
  • Noah Yaffe
  • David Zaidins
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

+ - $5,000+

Michael Braun
David Cygielman