Marina Braginsky

Senior Human Resources Recruiter

Pronouns: she/hers Chicago, IL

Marina is our Senior HR Recruiter. She is a licensed attorney, and brings years of full-cycle recruiting and talent acquisition experience, leveraging it on a daily basis to bring meaningful value to her team, company, and global mission.  Marina graduated from the University of Illinois majoring in 14th – 16th Century Poetry and from the John Marshall Law School with a specialization in real estate.

Marina has a special connection with the Jewish community. After her family immigrated from the former Soviet Union in 1991 under the protection of the Jewish Consulate, the people of the Jewish community did so much to help her and her family find and establish a home here in the United States so they could all live better lives. Thirty years later, Marina’s family has planted roots of their own and with immense gratitude towards the people who helped her family get to this point, she is proud to serve the Moishe House team in its mission to do good things in Jewish communities across the world.