Abe Sorock

Moishe House Beijing, Resident Alumni

Jewish Background

In Beijing, a transient city where all of the local Jews are transplants or expats, US-born, Abe Sorock and his peers have become de facto Jewish cultural ambassadors.

Moishe House Connection

Whether hosting 60 people for a Passover Seder or 120 people for a lecture with a prominent business leader, Moishe House enables Abe and his Moishe House peers to extend their hospitality to visitors from around the world while envisioning their own pathways towards Jewish leadership. Abe believes that “the kind of young people and leaders you get in Beijing, who’ve decided to travel far from home because they see the future of business and technology in Asia, are exactly the kind of people the global Jewish community needs to engage and keep connected.”

Building Community

Abe has become a go-to resource on Jewish life in Asia and has been invited to speak at international Jewish events. He exemplifies the value of investing in young adults who are leading Jewish communal life in new places.

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