Moishe Mindset – Staff

THE MOISHE MINDSET was developed in 2017 to provide clarity on how employees show up to work every day, how we treat each other and our constituents, and how we pursue our Mission, Vision, and Values.




Be the Difference: We are all leaders, committed to driving change and innovation, taking initiative, growing and achieving results.

Connect & Listen: We embrace and encourage the collaborative nature of our work through responsive and clear communication.

Embrace the Unknown: We are flexible. We demonstrate a can-do attitude and adapt quickly and effectively to the continuously changing community of young adults and a maturing organization.

Invest Wisely: Our work is made possible by the generosity and passion of our donors. We are mindful of their investment, and are intentional in our spending decisions.

Own It! We take ownership of our work and behavior. We hold ourselves and others accountable for following through on commitments, managing expectations, tracking goals and outcomes, and respecting each other’s time.

Value People: Our spirit of hospitality permeates every part of the Moishe House universe.

Work Well, Live Well, and Have Fun!: We find joy and meaning in what we do, take care of ourselves and others, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and commit to professional and personal development.



Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about the Moishe Mindset or if you have something specific you’d like to discuss. Email our Chief Program Officer and she’ll be in touch!

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