Moishe House Emergency Campaign For Ukraine

Supporting Moishe House in Ukraine

Ukraine is home to four Moishe Houses (DniproKyiv, and Odesa), seven Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW) hosts and two full-time MH staff members. We are in constant touch with our community builders and staff and — their safety is our highest priority.

Many organizations, including Moishe House partners JDC and JFNA, are supporting relief and humanitarian efforts on the ground in Ukraine. MH is encouraging our supporters to contribute directly to these funds.

Additionally, you can directly help the Moishe House community in Ukraine and surrounding regions affected by the crisis. The Moishe House Ukraine Fund provides essential funding for affected current and alumni Moishe House community builders, community members and staff. Your support will help provide the Moishe House communities with funds for food, rent assistance, additional community gatherings and other critical needs that may arise during the crisis and beyond. Any funds that are not used for crisis relief will directly benefit future Moishe House programming in Ukraine.

Thank you for your support!

The new graphic you see at the top of this web page, created by Ukrainian artist Alex Bezrukov, illustrates the Ukrainian tradition of greeting respected guests with a piece of tasty fresh bread and salt placed on a beautifully patterned towel. Here we see a house as a symbol of the Moishe House community standing together, supporting each other, and uniting around the idea that we must spread more light in such dark times.

Our Community In Action

MH Kyiv supports an elderly neighbor in need.

MH Kyiv Havdallah on February 26, 2022, the third day of the war.

MH Kyiv assists with food distribution for members of their community.

MH Chisinau residents host refugees from Odesa Ukraine.


Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the residents of Moishe House Kyiv (MH Kyiv) – Andrey, Andy, and Daniil – have provided refuge and been a pillar of support for their Moishe House community and beyond. Almost immediately, they identified ways to help others, and like their fellow community builders in Kharkiv (now closed), Dnipro, Odesa, and Chernivtsi, they got to work purchasing and delivering supplies; preparing hot meals for residents; and checking in on the elderly, mothers with young children, residents in bomb shelters, and hospital patients. Also, in the meantime, they continued to create programming in their own home for their peers to have a way to connect with each other and Jewish community and tradition during otherwise very bleak times. Through your investments in the Ukraine Emergency Fund, we have been honored to be able to help support this multitude of efforts in Kyiv and well beyond. The following video contains their footage and gives us a glimpse into their lives in Kyiv and the folks they are helping. They have traveled more than 1,000 KM to supply medicine, food, hygiene supplies and clean water.