The Shift: A Discussion on Welcoming & Engaging Gen Z

2019 marks a unique year for Moishe House: For the first time in our organization’s history, a new generation of young adults, Generation Z, are turning 22 and entering our demographic. In recognizing this shift, we asked ourselves, “How can we welcome Gen Z?” We want to answer this question not just from the Moishe House perspective, but also for our staff as programmers, for funders and partner organizations who want to serve and/or collaborate with this generation, and anyone else who is interested by this generational shift.

Through research, focus groups and interviews, we compiled this report, The Shift: A Discussion on Welcoming & Engaging Gen Z. This report is meant to serve as a springboard for an ongoing conversation to explore how we can best support and empower Gen Z in young adult programming and beyond.

To see a downloadable PDF of the report, please click here.

Want to join in the conversation? Contact Jordan Fruchtman.