Staff Update

+ - What's Happening This Week:

  • The South region has 100% resident giving and we are now working on meeting our house goals.
  • Anna K. is working out some sessions and some fun stuff for All-Staff!
  • Aliza is hiring a Northwest Regional Manager and working on the We Are Campaign!
  • Jonah is finalizing the 2020 retreats calendar and I’m “onboarding” educators for remaining 2019 retreats!
  • On Monday Dave P. played in the JFD-CH Kiddush Cup Golf Tournament, and today, he presented to the JFGC Allocations Committee.
  • Alyssa and the MHWOW Team is working on finishing out WE ARE 2019 strong to hit their $18,000 goal!
  • The camp and marketing teams spent two fruitful days together analyzing, brainstorming & planning for Nai 2020!
  • Eden is launching two major projects: Pardot implementation (our new marketing platform, based in Salesforce) and Salesforce integration with Intacct. Also today Alex, Lisa and I are at a grant Professionals conference learning a TON about how to write better grants!!!
  • Larry has been reading and sending 200 donor postcards, all while finalizing RSJ Conference takeaways, on-boarding Toronto RSJ, and planning for the final quarter of RSJ programming!

+ - What's Coming Up:

  • Jonah is working hard to prepare for the All-Staff Retreat- so exciting!
  • The MHWOW team will also be getting back to our Natty Con follow up, hiring a new friend, and planning the MHWOW retreat in November!
  • Eden is excited for Jen to come back next week! Yay! She is also reworking house budgets, working on our end of year campaign, and finalizing proposals for some major 2020 grants.
  • The RS Team has some exciting news-  Eva has accepted a promotion to be the new Director of House Programs, Global Communities as Adam has accepted a new role, International Director of Advancement – that means the RS team is hiring TWO RMS: Bay Area/Seattle/Portland and Argentina/Uruguay/Brazil (Let us know if you have friends)! 
  • Larry is busy submitting several grants with DevOps and having several meetings with potential and current funders!
  • Yana is working diligently on 2020 Budgets and Proposals, Reopening Moishe House Minsk and recruitment for the 2 international learning retreats!

Where in the World Are the Moishes?

Fun Fact of the Week

Today is 9/19/19, which is also 9/19/19 backwards