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Today is: Thursday, March 14, 2019

Happy Pi Day!

Here’s what’s happening in the Moisheverse…

Meet a Moishe: Joel Stanley

Hometown: London, UK

Favorite Food: I don't really have one but I think I make a mean shakshuka

Last Vacation: My last pure vacation was to Cape Cod, in August

What are you working on this week? The process of preparing to transition leadership of the Houses department has begun, which means I’m bringing in Terry on key projects, documents and systems, while taking stock of what I can launch or wrap up before I leave at the start of May. I’m reviewing and updating old policy documents to add to a definitive library of docs that Sari has organized, while I’m doing some initial gathering of all of our best practices on how we conduct searches when there are full-group transitions or we want to start a new house, with the goal of putting together a more standardized training for Regional Managers, who all eventually do expansion or full-group recruitment work. Other work this week includes analyzing and communicating our houses’ performance for the year to date, now that our February numbers are in. I also supervise six staff members, so an important part of my week is supporting them in all their work.


I once pretended to be a private investigator and followed people for an evening, just for fun and inspiration
I have participated in a 72 hour non-stop dance ceremony
My parents met as members of a spiritual Islam group
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Team Updates

Immersive Experiences

We have 3 PLRs in 3 countries this weekend!

- “Time Flies: The Concept of Time in Judaism" will be facilitated by Anna Babkina, MH Moscow alumna, and Anna Sidorova. Participants will look theoretically at time through the lens of Jewish history and tradition and practically through tips and tricks in mindful time management.

- Kirill Nefyodov and Hana Malaludman, MHWOW hosts in Odessa, will lead "Wine and Coffee", their 3rd PLR. The group will explore how and why wine became such a crucial part of the Jewish tradition. They will also learn about the history of Jewish coffee houses around the world.

- "Entering the Temple: A Retreat on Loving Your Sacred Temple Within and Without" will be facilitated by Naomi Izen! Participants will learn to view their bodies and the earth as temples, leaving feeling like they are truly a mirror of the divine.


The Kantor Foundation (a close partner of another foundation called the European Jewish Fund) who are increasing their support to MHs in Europe from 10,000 euros (approx.$11,300) to 15,000 euros (approx.$17,000) for 2019.

The Helen Marie Stern Memorial Fund has pledged a first-time gift of $10,000 to support Moishe House in Atlanta. Debbie Levinson, the primary trustee of this foundation, was first introduced to Moishe House last year during a Federation women's philanthropy mission to Berlin & Budapest, where she met Eva Srut and one of the Moishe House Paris residents.

On Tuesday evening, Moishe House Atlanta - Buckhead hosted a site visit with several members of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta's allocations committee.

On Tuesday Moishe House Philadelphia hosted a site visit with Tracey Specter from the The Specter Family Foundation.

Dave Press was in Atlanta this week, meeting with partners & supporters. On Monday, David Cygielman joined Dave for meetings with several current and potential supporters, as well as a gathering at Moishe House Atlanta - Toco Hills.

Laura Reader was in Portland, meeting with partners and supporters and hosted a visit from the Federation's Allocations committee at MH Portland.

Lander was in New Orleans meeting with Moishe House's partners and supporters.

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