Staff Update

+ - What's Happening This Week:

  • Dave is packing up the Charlotte office, sending out 126 Donor Impact Report emails and traveling to Philly (11/13-11/15)
  • Shaina is working on recruitment in Ft. Lauderdale, and interviewing a Miami 3 group!
  • Ben is working on his 2020 expansion plan, and recruiting strategy for HIGA.
  • Molly is educating on the Coalition Building Retreat in SD with Michele Freed, with Lola and JT leading the logistics.
  • Ivy is working on EVERYTHING to do with Moishe Manor & the move!
  • Adam is preparing the follow-up plan for On The Road Mexico, as well as the recruitment for OTR Brazil (Nov 2020!). He is also writing reports and proposals on MH Odesa, Jewish Ed in the FSU, and MH in the UK.
  • The RS team is still searching for a NW RM + MW RM!
  • Charlotte staff is packing up their stuff and beginning their move to Moishe Manor!

+ - What's Coming Up:

  • Dave is working with one of our supporters in Atlanta to host a fundraising event next Thursday. So far, they are expecting nearly 50 people – many of whom have never previously engaged meaningfully with Moishe House!
  • Ben is working on opening two more houses in Atlanta and Miami!
  • The Charlotte office will be working from home until the week of November 25th- thy are SO excited to¬†almost be working out of the Moishe Manor!
  • Molly, Terry, and Aliza are meeting together early next week to do some 2020 thinking.

Where in the world are the Moishes?