Peer-Led Retreat Jewish Educators Database

A list of excellent Jewish educators worldwide who are pre-approved to teach at Peer-Led Retreats.

Educator Location Keywords Retreat

Gavrila Abramson

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Location: Nevada City, CA Keywords: Mindfulness; Embodiment; Grief; Yoga; Connection; Feminism Retreats: Connecting the Wisdom of Judaism and Permaculture; Return to the Wild Woman

Gavrila Nikhila is a mindfulness and awakening educator whose work has been developed from a diverse background of teachers and cultures. Originally certified in Osho Active Meditation, Gavrila worked with spiritual communities around the world to invite people into the radical space of awareness, liberation, and self-acceptance. Thirsty with a passion to intimately understand the human experience, she went on to become a certified yoga teacher, meditation facilitator, and mediator. Gavrila participates in extended, silent meditation retreats to deeply study the techniques of mindfulness and how they lead to joy and contentment. She is devoted to offering transformational experiences at trainings, workshops, and retreats. Gavrila is interested in pioneering new ways to honor the grieving process and tending to unresolved trauma. Based in California, she teaches mindfulness to teenagers, in collaboration with Spirit Rock and Inward Bound Mindfulness Education, as well as to incarcerated women at her local jail. In addition, Gavrila is a member and contributor of the Evolutionary Leadership Community, as well as the Wild Feminine Collective.

Naomi Izen

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Location: Boston, MA Keywords: Ritual; Herbalism; Art; Earth-Based Judaism; Healing; Feminism; Spirituality; Kohenet Retreats: Entering the Temple: A Jewish Women's Retreat

Naomi Azriel Izen is an ordained Hebrew Priestess through Kohenet and the Creative Director of her own Lifestyle Design Business. Naomi’s biggest passion is in creating sacred space, the tangible and intangible, and she teaches on how to use ritual, aesthetics and Jewish frameworks for welcoming and transformation in order to create these spaces. Naomi infuses all of her teachings with earth-based Jewish practices and Mysticism. Naomi also teaches on Jewish arts practices and Jewish herbalism and loves creating spaces for in-depth and hands-on learning that are well-held and aesthetically pleasing. If you are seeking a retreat that holds participants in a gentle container with deep attention for details, thoughtful and modernized ritual that leaves your participants with a changed sense of self and Jewish Identity then feel free to reach out. Naomi has taught on numerous Moishe House retreats and Camp Nai Nai Nai. She has been an educator at Isabella Freedman  Jewish Retreat Center as well as Hillel Conferences, Hebrew Day Schools and her own curated women’s retreats.

Rishe Groner

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Location: Jerusalem, Israel Keywords: Spirituality; Meditation; Ritual; Movement; Dance; Mikveh; Feminism; Embodied Retreats: Embodied and Musical Judaism through Dance

Born in Melbourne, Australia, Rishe Groner is the founder of The Gene-Sis, a movement embodying the Jewish mystical experience. As Jewish spiritual educator for almost two decades; Rishe now presents at retreats, conferences, and arts-and-music festivals, from Limmud to Burning Man, focusing on ancient and innovative spiritual practices that incorporate body and soul, especially Chassidic traditions of niggun, dance and immersive ritual. She has been a prayer leader and scholar-in-residence for Jewish holiday programs at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center and Pearlstone Center, and produced her own Moishe House PLR as well as been resident educator on other peer-led retreats. Rishe produces embodied Shabbat experiences in Brooklyn and at retreats has shared her embodied dance prayer with communities through Aleph, Limmud, Hazon, and JTS. Over the summers from 2015 – 2019 she has created “Goddess Shabbos” ceremonies and Jewish-ritual and wisdom-based workshops at festivals in the Burning Man arts, music and healing communities, including Nomadico, Gratitude Migration, Northern Nights, Permajam, and more. Rishe is a volunteer Mikveh guide with Immerse NYC and is embarking on her Masters in Jewish spirituality and gender studies, examining body-based rituals and prayer through the lens of Kabbalah and the Divine Feminine. She has created sacred spaces in the Brooklyn nightlife and wellness communities for Shabbat, Chanukah, Purim and the New Year. She shares teachings that empower feminist spirituality on Jewish websites such as Lilith, Alma, JTA, The Wisdom Daily, and Tablet as well as She has is currently studying for Rabbinic ordination at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York, and will be spending 2019 – 2020 based in Jerusalem.

Yonatan Arnon

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Location: Be'er Sheva, Israel Keywords: Movement; Meditation; Improv; Jewish Text; Dance Retreats: Seeking My Soul's Love; Seeking My Creative Voice