* Compiled from Moishe House webinar: Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Online Icebreakers & Games! – check out the recording here!

Top Tips: Getting Fun & Creative Online

  1. Zoom features can enhance a game experience! (more Zoom tips here!)
    -Use the chat for trivia or ‘complete the phrase’ types of games.
    -Ask everyone to rename themselves (to Moishe?) to keep the chat anonymous for a game like Zoom Cards Against Humanity.
    -Try using video on/off features to mark who is in or out.
  2. Play your favorites!
    -The games you and your friends already know can probably be adapted for Zoom, and then you won’t have to explain the rules.
    -Tons of games already have an online version, so give your favorites a quick Google search.
  3. Elevate your games with content!
    -Pick a theme or topic you want to focus on and make a game out of it, or incorporate it into one of your favorites.

Icebreakers & Games: All the Ideas

  • Finish the Lyric: Play a clip from a popular song then pause it. Players sing the next line. No idea of what the lyrics are? Just dance! 
  • Cards Against Jew-manity: Ask players to all change their name on Zoom, then give them sentences to complete in the chat box (ex. “Sorry I was late for Shabbos, my Mom called to tell me ____” or “You know you should stop eating kugel when ____”). Debate the funniest answer!
  • Scattergories: Make a list of categories (ex: Yiddish word, Jewish tradition, movie, job) and pick a letter, then share the list with your players and set a timer. Each person comes up with something in each category that begins with the selected letter. Share them out, more points if no one else said the same thing as you.
  • Quick Cards: Hold up a playing card and have your players give a thumbs up or down to indicate if they think the next card is going to be higher or lower. Turn off your video if you guessed wrong and continue until there’s a winner.
  • Hidden Talents: Each player shows off a skill or talent. You may ask your participants to prepare, or come up with something on the spot.
  • Statues: Name a made-up statue (ex. Flopping Fish) for players to pose as. Best pose gets to name the next statue! 
  • What do we have in common? List icebreaker questions for participants to respond to with a movement, (ex. Wave your hands if you have a funny joke to share, tap your head if you’re excited to be here).
  • Show and Tell: Ask each participant to grab a nearby item to show to the group. Stories about the item, true or made-up, are encouraged!
  • Speed Dating or Speed Friending: Split the group into Zoom breakout rooms and encourage participants to get to know each other with prepared questions or activities.

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