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by Alyssa Gorenberg, Director of MHWOW

The hallmark of observing Shavuot quickly became consuming copious amounts of milk and cheese products, but to this day it is a little murky as to why. Some say we eat dairy to symbolize that Israel is the land of milk and honey; others note there is a reference to milk when talking about the sacrificial meal that’s eaten on Shavuot. Ironically though, according to the National Institute of Health, 65% of the global population has a reduced tolerance for lactose in adulthood with increased frequency of this showing up in people of Jewish descent. What are we to do to observe this holiday while ensuring our stomachs can rest easy for the day? Bring some dairy-free alternatives to your Shavuot this year! Check out these recipes, products, and more to help you celebrate sans lactose. 

Enjoy your desserts with a dairy-free alternative

Over New Year’s, I visited my grandparents who stocked their fridge with this incredible dairyfree ice cream made by Planet Oat! It is the creamiest dairyfree ice cream I have ever eaten, and the flavor so closely mimics the dairy that I was fooled. Of the seven flavors they offer, the chocolate peanut butter swirl and the mint fudge swirl were my favorites. 

Get inspired by a plant-based blogger to reimagine your meal

HealthyGirlKitchen aka Danielle Brown is a Jewish, plant-based food blogger with nearly four million followers on Instagram and TikTok. She is a recipe creator who has gone viral multiple times for her colorful and fresh recipes. A few weeks ago, she posted a dairy-free mac and cheese recipe that has me drooling through my phone screen. If you dig into her blog, she has even more recipes. This vegan matcha cheesecake may be the perfect finish for your meal! So, whatever your Shavuot craving is, you most likely can get a fix with help from Danielle.

Explore the non-food Shavuot traditions

You may not know, but another Shavuot tradition is to honor the holidays springtime roots with flowers and greenery! It has been quite dreary in Chicago lately, so a fresh bouquet sounds like the perfect pick-me-up. Check out this MyJewishLearning article for inspiration for your floral spread for the holiday! Alternatively, take time to plant flowers or trees in your own backyard or garden. If you are in a pinch to grow your own flowers, you can have your guests make their own paper flowers (might be a good tip if you have allergies, too!). 

Whether you’re celebrating with or without dairy, we want to see it! Tag @moishehouse on Instagram or email us at to spotlight your work.