By Alyssa Gorenberg, MHWOW Program Coordinator

Now that we are officially in summer (thank you Summer Solstice!) it’s time to brainstorm our programs for the next few months of sunshine! I live in Chicago and with limited good weather, now is the time to make the most of the good vibes around town and just because our programs ask for some Jewish content in them doesn’t mean they have to be any less fun or meaningful. Check out my tips below for holding programs during the best time of year (and also don’t forget your SPF!).

The Backyard BBQ

I am not sure what is better about a backyard barbecue, grilling a good hot dog or slicing the most delicious of watermelons (let me know what your thoughts are, obviously). Regardless the barbecue tends to be a very meat-forward meal and provides the perfect opportunity to talk about Kashrut. I found that this MyJewishLearning article provides some hot takes on Kashrut practices, but you can also hold a discussion about what observing Kashrut means to your friends. This Atlantic article also highlights why Millenials are choosing to follow Kashrut at nearly twice the rate of our parents generation.

The Picnic

Now that I am near Lake Michigan, I cannot wait to move my Shabbat dinners to a picnic on the docks! Here are some picnic highlights from y’all this past year.

Valera Pinchuk, Jewish Artifacts with Picnic
Izajah Gordon, Shabbat Birthday Picnic

The Bikescussion

We are also in outdoor adventure season, which sounds like an ideal time for a bike ride! Inspired by MHWOW Host Mark Nathanson’s runscussion group, gather your friends for a bike ride down your favorite bath. At your meeting point hold a brief d’var torah about the Torah portion for this week. When you set the biker gang free, you can ride two by two and have discussions about the Torah portion. Can’t find this week’s portion? Don’t sweat it, we got you covered here.

Mark Nathanson, Runscussion Part Dos

The Bonfire

Throwing it back to our March newsletter to highlight our Backyard Fireside Havdalah program idea. If you get the fire going, I will deliver all s’mores ingredients!

Don’t forget to show off what YOU did this summer with your friends! Post on social media and tag us @moishehouse or #moishemoment. Happy hosting!