* Compiled from Moishe House webinar: Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Ignite Your Shabbos Flame! – check out the recording here!

Moishe Houses around the world have been keeping the magic of Shabbat virtually: 

MH Miami – Midtown: Challah baking by community member, Shirley!

MH Hoboken: Facebook Live Havdalah Jam Sesh!

MH Barcelona virtual Shabbat dinner

How can you create Shabbos magic for your community? 

First, consider these questions:

  1. Why is Shabbat important to you? How can you share that with community members?
  2. What would make a virtual Shabbat special? What online platforms can you use?
  3. Are there ways to engage your community without using screens on Shabbat?
  4. What would make for a really great Shabbat program? A theme? 

Next, find your Shabbos Flow:

  • Consistency: What will your community look forward to each week?
  • Meaningful content: How will you be engaging your community members?
  • Sparking joy: How can you make your program fun and light-hearted?
  • Rest and relaxation: The most important part of it all! Find ways to inspire the breaks we all need.

Finally, use your resources: 

  • The new Moishe House Shabbatnik: includes Shabbat rituals, pray guidance, meditation practice, and more!
  • Check out The Living Room for Shabbat inspiration: check out the calendar to attend a Moishe House program