by Haley Schulman, MHWOW Host, Retreats Alum and Director of North American Engagement at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

I love Pardes—and I’m not just saying that because they pay me to… even though they do. My love affair with Pardes began when I attended the 2015 Pardes Summer Program. It was the first immersive Jewish learning experience I ever really had and I fell so deeply in love for the program that I had to come back for round two in summer 2016. It was even more amazing the second time, if you can believe it. Then somehow in June 2017, I had the good fortune to be hired by this amazing organization. Since then I have worked in our New York office as the Director of North American Engagement.

The Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies is an open, inclusive, diverse and intellectually challenging Jewish learning community based in Jerusalem, with programs happening worldwide. Pardes cultivates a life-long love of Jewish learning, the Jewish people, and Israel. Pardes inspires engagement in Jewish life  as communal and spiritual leaders, educators and active participants. 

If you can’t tell, I’m passionate about Jewish life. If there is anything I love nearly as much as Pardes, it’s Moishe House. I am a proud MHWOW host and retreat participant. And I’m lucky that Pardes loves Moishe House, too. There are so many opportunities for Moishe House community builders through our programs, scholarships, collaborative events, and other resources:

Programs: Pardes programs are open to people of all Jewish backgrounds. Short-term opportunities like our Spirituality Retreat (December), Winter Learning Intensive (January), Shavuot Retreat at Ramah Darom (May), and Summer Program (July/August) are perfect for anyone interested in spending anywhere from a few days to a few weeks on a Pardes Program. 

Our Year/Semester Program (Sept-May) and Center for Jewish Educators (1-2 year certificate and degree options) are great for anyone looking to take more time and dive deep into Jewish learning, whether for personal growth or to pursue a career in Jewish education.

Scholarships: Pardes offers special tuition grants to Moishe House community builders for our Summer Program and Year/Semester Program. And every program we run is eligible for Jewish Learning Scholarships from Moishe House, so connect with your Regional Manager for more information.

Events: Many Pardes teachers travel throughout the year, and they love being invited to Moishe House communities to teach. We’ll work with you to create a Jewish learning event suited to your community interests. Honorarium fee is waived for Moishe House events! As a Moishe House resident, you can apply for the Activate Local Learning series grant!

Online Resources: Elmad, our online learning portal, is a fantastic resource for all things Jewish learning. If you’re looking for a short reading to bring to your own Jewish learning event, a recording to brush up on your holiday knowledge, or just a Jewish podcast for fun, you’ll find it on Elmad.

If you are interested in any of this, or have any questions, please let me know! You can reach me any time via email at I’d love to chat on the phone, grab coffee if you’re in the NY area, or find any other excuse to gush to you about my love for Moishe House and Pardes. Looking forward to meeting you and learning with you soon!