* Compiled from Moishe House webinar: Near, Far, Wherever You Are: Virtual Gatherings: Invite Anyone in the World – check out the recording here!

Moishe House Rome & Moishe House London – Belsize Park Aperitivo Making Program


Planning a virtual gathering? Consider going global! Take advantage of the unique opportunity gathering virtually brings you to expand your networks, learn from folks all over the world, and create a sense of worldwide belonging.



Where do I begin?

  • Start by picking an activity or topic you’re already familiar with, identify and explore shared traditions, or create a mutual learning opportunity
  • Start small: connect with just one Moishe House or MHWOW Host using Facebook groups or other shared connections
  • Be inclusive in your planning: consider time zone differences and potential differences in languages

How do I run a global program?

  • Create a welcoming space by explaining everything fully and encouraging questions
  • As always, start with a fun or thought-provoking icebreaker!
  • Maintain interest and engagement by keeping your program short and sweet
  • Send messages to your new friends afterwards! Thank them for being a part of your program and invite any feedback 

Still need some inspiration? Check out The Living Room to see how Moishe House communities across the world are staying connected. Also, take a look at our resources for more tips and tricks on how to run great virtual programming.