By Alyssa Gorenberg, MHWOW Program Manager

When the MHWOW team gathered to chat about what kinds of Passover resources we wanted to share with y’all, we realized we had written many great guides, Haggadot, and creative program ideas! Over the last few years, the Schmooze hits your inbox in March or April chock full of these and we shouldn’t forget these throwbacks. In addition to all the good stuff we are writing for your Passover 2020, parooze these oldies but goodies, too. Happy hosting! 

  • March 2017, Faustine’s Passover Resources
  • March 2018, From Pharaoh to Freedom: A 10 Step Event Guide from Leah and At the Well
  • March 2018, Josh’s Alternative Haggadot and Companions
  • March 2018, Terry’s Seder Table Haggadah
  • April 2018, Loren and Joe’s Pesach Seder at Rikers Island Reflection
  • April 2018, 2018 Passover Program Highlights from MHWOW Hosts Around the World
  • April 2019, Liza’s Feminist Haggadah – The Bader Seder: Celebrating Freedom with Ruth
  • April 2019, Five Other Passover Programs from Leah
  • April 2019, Liza’s Passover x Spark Joy
  • April 2019, Alyssa’s Eight Ways to Make Your Seder Unforgettable
  • April 2019, Alyssa’s Ten Plagues of Hosting
  • May 2019, 2019 Passover Program Highlights from MHWOW Hosts Around the World