By Josh Traulsen, Senior Manager, Alumni Engagement

For thousands of years, Jews have gathered around the table to tell the story of Passover. The themes of the Seder: enslavement, freedom, and redemption are timeless and relevant to almost any era in human history.

The Passover Seder has served as a forum for discussion and exploration of current issues through the lens of a 4,000 year old story about the beginning of Judaism as we know it today. The word seder in Hebrew roughly translates to “order.” It helps to walk us through a curated experience designed to make us not only remember the past but apply its lessons to our future.

In this spirit, I wanted to provide you with some options for companions to your traditional Passover Seder:

A Socially Minded Chocolate Seder

A Contemporary Family Haggadah

A Haggadah with Inclusive Language and Miriam’s Cup

Earth Justice Haggadah Companion

Reproductive Justice Haggadah Companion

Immigration Haggadah Companion

Racial Justice Haggadah Companion

A Global Justice Haggadah

For fun, here are a few of the sillier Haggadot I came across:

Harry Potter Hogwarts Haggadah

My “So Called” Seder — A Hip Hop Haggadah (stream free with prime)

A Seder for the Socially Awkward

So this year, I challenge you to:

  1. Host a Seder — You can do it!
  2. Try to include something new in your Seder either from the list above or by creating your own companion.
  3. Take pictures and show us what Passover looks like for you so we can share that with the rest of our global community!