By Naomi Izen, Eastern Regional Manager

The High Holy Days are right around the corner and with that comes so many opportunities for unique and creative programming ideas. Here are a couple of ideas that for programs that I would love to host this holiday season.

Take them as inspiration and run with them, we know you are going to host the most amazing programs!


Rosh Hashanah is all about starting anew, so why not host a program where you decorate your own journals to keep you accountable for the things you really want to accomplish this year!

Another fun idea is to host program where you make little gifts for friends for a sweet new year, the gifts can include honey sticks, apples, some candies and a lovely note!

You can host a Yom Kippur program where everyone does a painting or paper-cut collage that represents how they missed the mark this past year and then you all can rip them up and start fresh and anew.

Pre-Yom Kippur, you could host a white’s only clothing swap so everyone can have a brand new white outfit to wear for services and/or break fast!

Sukkot is just about the most fun and joyous Holiday, so host a program crafting cranberry chains and dried flower arrangements for the sukkah (even if someone doesn’t have a sukkah they can take it home and make their home feel more like the harvest festival!).

Sukkot is also a time to remember our ancestors and invite them into our Sukkah, so you can host a program where everyone brings a photo of a loved one, and you all can decorate frames for them to place in the sukkah or just in their home for the week of Sukkot.

All in all, get creative this month, there are so many better programs to host than a break-fast or a celebratory meal and as the leaders in your community, I promise your friends and community members will thank you!

If you desire any more creative ideas for programming for the months of Elul and Tishrei feel free to reach out to me, at