When Moishe House and G-DCAST first started brainstorming about a possible collaboration more than a year ago, there was a lot of excitement but not a totally clear direction on what type of project would emerge. We both knew that we wanted to do something that would reach the larger, global community and provide easy and accessible “how to” steps related to Jewish ritual, but we were not sure exactly what it would look like. Sarah Lefton, G-DCAST’s Executive Director and Producer, and members of our Moishe House team had some exciting and extensive brainstorming sessions where we hashed out all the possibilities that could come from this collaboration. Through the course of these conversations, we realized that the topics that could have the most influence on both Moishe House’s target demographic and the larger global community would be relatively basic ones – Shabbat and Havdalah blessings and guidelines on how to build a Sukkah for Sukkot.