The concept of a “service project” is one that is incredibly familiar to most Millennials from their years of school and youth involvement. From food drives in middle school to volunteering at homeless shelters with friends for high school volunteer hours, today’s millenials have grown up in a culture of giving back to the community. But in a typical young adults’ daily life today, they’re far less likely to encounter opportunities for actual service work. What they do see, though, are daily social media campaigns, primarily focused on crowdfunding campaigns (Ice Bucket challenge, charity walks, Races, etc.) with stories and videos of the do-good agencies. The goal for Moishe House is to create dynamic ways for young adults to participate more actively in meaningful service to support their their friends and communities, in addition to the participation in online campaigns. As Moishe House has grown globally and we have increased our focus on service-oriented work, one thing is abundantly clear: young adults care about important societal issues and are motivated to engage with the community and to use their skills to help others.