Powered By – Moishe House Innovation Fund

Powered By is dedicated to supporting innovation in the Jewish young adult space through coaching, funding, and more.

We’re looking for trailblazers, ages 18-40 from anywhere in the world, to pitch us their ideas so we can help to bring it to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

+ - What is Powered By?

Powered By is an initiative of Moishe House’s Research and Development Department (R&D). Powered By is R&D’s call for initiatives promoting peer-led, Jewish community building. You provide the idea, the projected budget, and the timeline; we provide you with funding, mentorship, evaluation, and/or networking opportunities.

+ - Why did Moishe House launch Powered By?

Powered By was created to help Moishe House further its mission of supporting peer-led Jewish programs. Our R&D Team isn’t afraid to take a chance on a great initiative and know that young adults around the world are thinking up innovative ideas every day! Powered By gives us an opportunity to invest in great minds, great ideas, and the next big things.

+ - What is the Research and Development department at Moishe House?

Moishe House R&D is the hub of innovation at Moishe House – we think up big ideas, broaden Moishe House’s reach, and evaluate programs new and old.

+ - How do I apply to Powered By?

+ - Who can apply for Powered By?

Anyone between the ages of 18-40 who has an innovative idea that is aimed at engaging their local Jewish community. You may be anywhere in the world. You do not need to have any prior engagement with Moishe House, but current community builders and staff are always welcome to apply.

+ - What is the process for getting accepted to Powered By?

After filling out the application, you can expect a member of the R&D team to reach out to you shortly. If we are interested in your idea, we’ll schedule an interview to hear more about your hopes and dreams! We’ll inform you if you are accepted, send you a contract, and we’ll get started.

+ - How will you select who’s accepted to Powered By?

When reviewing applications, the following will be considered of each idea:

  • Innovation: How innovative is this initiative? Is this idea truly unique or different?
  • Impact: Does Jewish programming exist in this area, or is this area currently underserved? How will this initiative bring in people who don’t currently engage in Jewish programming?
  • Need: Will the funding and mentorship offered by Powered By truly help the applicant start or scale up their project? Would the support deepen or broaden the work of the applicant?

+ - What are Moishe House’s expectations of me if I'm accepted to Powered By?

Please be prepared to do or provide the following:

  • Attend monthly or bimonthly check-in meetings with the R&D Team to provide project updates and brainstorm leading up to the project’s launch
  • Provide photos and a summary of how the project went afterwards, including feedback forms from attendees, users, and/or participants where relevant
  • Participate in an interview or other relevant marketing requests so we can showcase the innovators’ work
  • Include Powered By’s brand on your innovation’s marketing materials

+ - How much funding can I request through Powered By?

Please request the amount you believe you need to launch your idea! We will work with you to find an amount that meets your needs.

+ - Can I apply for Powered By more than once?

If you have completed a Powered By initiative and wish to apply again, you may. We typically do not fund the same idea twice, but if there are certain pivots that can be made to improve your initiative’s success, we’re all ears!

+ - Can I apply for Powered By to support my business?

No. All Powered By projects must be not-for-profit.

+ - Does my Powered By initiative have to occur in person?

Nope! If you have a great idea that would be best executed virtually, that’s okay too.

+ - I am currently a Moishe House Community Builder. Can I apply for Powered By?

Yes! However, your Powered By initiative cannot be a part of other Moishe House programs you may be facilitating (i.e. House or Pod programs). You cannot use funding from other Moishe House programs for your Powered By initiative. The initiative must also be branded as Powered By and not with your House or Pod’s name.

You may of course invite your community members to participate!

+ - I’m still not sure my idea qualifies for Powered By. What should I do?

Reach out or just feel free to apply!

+ - Whom do I contact if I have questions?

You can reach out to Shula Ornstein at shula.ornstein@moishehouse.org.