Jewish Education Summit

What makes an educational program Jewish, and what makes a Jewish program educational?

Join Moishe House at our headquarters in sunny San Diego as we seek to uncover a more balanced approach to Jewish Education for young adults. How can we deepen the content of peer-led Jewish learning programs by providing some concrete definitions and requirements, while still empowering young adults to be bold and creative in how they engage with that content? As we continue to find innovative ways to democratize Jewish Education, we must also create mechanisms to ensure the quality of peer-led programming. We are bringing a dynamic mix of minds together to talk methodology, pedagogy, and content – what should Jewish young adults be learning? How? From whom? Most importantly… why?

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Some things to look forward to...

A keynote talk from Casper Ter Kuile, co-author of How We Gather.

Three diverse interpretations of “Jewish Literacy”, from Aaron Henne of Theatre Dybbuk, Rabbi Lisa Goldstein of the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and Rabbi Avi Killip of Hadar.

Some things to read up on...

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Graphic Notes - Rubrics

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