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Jewish Summer Camp for Adults!

Camp Nai Nai Nai is the ultimate Jewish summer camp for young adults in their 20s and 30s, powered by Moishe House! A radical experiment in Jewish community building – where what you do for a living doesn’t define you, everyone is welcome, and spontaneous adventures await.

Mark your calendar: Registration opens on March 1, 2019!

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Choose your own adventure:

Each day we offer a variety of creative (and unusual) playshops. From bubble soccer to yoga, from flower crowns to human hungry hippos, there is something for everyone. We hope you’ll join us by the bonfire. Even if you don’t know the words, you’ll know what to do when it comes time to Nai Nai Nai!

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What you can expect:

Over 200 people in their 20s and 30s, Shabbat and Havdallah under the stars, experiential Jewish learning with amazing educators, live music late into the night, and a community that accepts you as you are.

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