Moishe House Without Walls Schmoozeletter

Since January 1st you have hosted 4,400 people around the world through MHWOW, we’ve added a new person to our MHWOW staff, Ziva Sholin, Program Coordinator based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we are getting ready to say lehitraot (bye for now!) to another (see Leah’s article on our staff retreat to learn more!), and two more of our staff (Leah and Alyssa) have become Retreatologists!

This past month I had the opportunity to educate at the West Coast Retreatology training. It was so much fun to get to be together with 40 other community builders from around the US (and Australia!) and hear about their successes and failures in building their own Jewish communities. If you’re looking for the same kind of spiritual and emotional recharge that going on a retreat can give you, think about applying for one of the three MHWOW and Community Builder exclusive retreats this year. But, enough about us, we’re really excited to share all of this great content with you!
-Josh Traulsen, Alumni Engagement Manager

The MHWOW Team Gathering
By Leah Jalfon

Passover is coming up on April 20th, and in the next Schmoozletter we’ll be giving you everything you need to create Passover experiences that are unique to you. Go ahead and apply for your programs now, and here are a few things you might see…

  • Tidying Up MHWOW Style: How to Transform Your Space for Passover
  • The 10 Plagues of MHWOW: The Biggest Challenges MHWOW Hosts Face and How to Overcome Them
  • Beyond Seders: Powerful Passover Programs

What kind of “How-To-Seder” do you want to see in next month’s Schmoozeletter? Let us know at!

  • Passover is Coming: Game of Thrones Seder
  • The Bader Sader (RBG!!)
  • The Queer Eye Seder
  • The Inclusive Seder: Make Space at the Table for Everyone

Happy Hosting!
Josh, Alyssa, Leah, Liza, Terry, and Jessie