Moishe House Without Walls Schmoozeletter

When asked about my favorite Jewish holiday, I always say Shavuot. I’m inspired by the Book of Ruth, one of the few stories in the Hebrew Bible told from a woman’s perspective. I also love that the holiday also encourages me to eat dairy. I’m totally here for any excuse to visit the Trader Joe’s cheese section and try out a new cheesecake recipe.

This year Shavuot will be even more exciting for me as a new MHWOW host. I host a monthly program called “High Tea and Torah” where a few friends and I come together to drink tea, bake, and talk through the role of women and their lived experiences in Biblical stories, and this month we’ll be talking about Shavuot. If I’ve convinced you to host a Shavuot program too, check out these awesome program ideas from the Moishe House Jewish Education team. -Gabrielle Adler, Senior Southern Regional Manager

Save the date for our upcoming training conferences! Be on the lookout for more info soon—we can’t wait to see you!