Moishe House Without Walls Schmoozeletter

Being an MHWOW host is low-key one of the best gigs at Moishe House. (I haven’t done all the gigs, but I still think it’s the best.) The opportunity to take something I would do anyway and give me resources to do it even better? That’s pretty sweet. 

Every month, I organize a group of Jewish women for a Rosh Chodesh circle. As spring approached, I wanted a fun activity to do with my ladies but was drawing a blank. So, I hit up my MHWOW Regional Manager, Leah Jalfon. She and I brainstormed a perfect spring-turned- summer program. 

We ended up with a painting, potting, planting day where everyone was able to take home their own pot filled with seeds (and hopes for the coming season).

My plant isn’t doing so hot, but the opportunity to spend a day with my community planting, discussing, and eating all the cheese in Trader Joe’s? Well, as Mastercard would say, that’s priceless.
-Molly Cram, Director of House Programs

You have three years to take advantage of your MHWOW experience, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Check out this month’s MHWOW Schmoozeletter for inspiration, and reach out to us for program ideas, questions, or motivational speeches.