Moishe House International Fund

Support a Global Movement of Jewish Young Adults Building Community

The Moishe House International Fund helps ensure that Jewish young adults overseas have the training, resources and professional guidance to deepen their connections to their heritage while opening pathways to Jewish living for their peers. From Be’er Sheva to Beijing, Melbourne to Montevideo, from big cities to smaller towns, the Moishe House International Fund nurtures and invests in new leaders and helps Moishe House deepen and expand its international presence and impact where local funding is limited.

The fund empowers Jewish leaders around the world to:

Create programs and sustain local Jewish life, with the help and guidance of Moishe House staff.

Cultivate pluralistic communities of Jewish learning and expression where all are welcome.

Establish places to be proudly and confidently Jewish in the face of growing anti-Jewish and anti-Israel sentiment.

Help Moishe House Impact More Lives Across The Globe

Visionary donors who support the Moishe House International Fund enable passionate Jewish young adults from around the world to create and sustain Jewish life. With collective support totaling $1M annually in 2020, Moishe House will be able to take this effective model of Jewish community building and double its reach and footprint on the ground.


Your investment in the Moishe House International Fund could support:

International Community Builders

Learn about how these young adults are building Jewish communities around the world.

Moishe House’s International Reach

Moishe House has a growing presence in 27 countries on six continents, engaging nearly 60,000 unique young adults annually. By 2020, with the support of the Moishe House International Fund, Moishe House will nearly double its international reach and impact.


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For more information about the Moishe House International Fund, please contact Jen Rosen, Moishe House Chief Operating Officer.