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Internatty Con 2018!

What is Internatty Con?

“Internatty Con” is our once-annual, all-in, go-big-or-go-home, three-day immersive experience that brings together Moishe House residents across the globe. Short for “International Training Conference,” Internatty Con is the one time each year where we put all our other responsibilities aside and dig deep into what it means to be a part of Moishe House and how we can all be better at creating peer-led communities for Jewish young adults. Check out some highlights from Internatty Con 2017:

In 2018, Internatty Con will take place 19-21 October in London, UK. We’re expecting about 70 residents from around the world, as well as plenty of Moishe House staff, board members and partners.


Tikkun Olam Thursday

Tikkun Olam Thursday: This year, we are organising an optional Tikkun Olam experience in the afternoon of Thursday, October 18th, for those who are in town early. This would be an opportunity to come together to do some good for the local community in London. This part of the programme will be optional and accommodation for Thursday night would be your own responsibility. This program will begin at 1:00 pm and run for approximately 3 hours. Please sign up by September 30th. If you have any questions, please reach out to Jessie or Alexis


Let us know you’re joining us for Internatty Con and register now!


What Should I bring?

Make sure you have everything you need to have the best time at Internatty Con! Here you can find a list of everything you will need for the weekend!

  • Warm clothing and a waterproof jacket
  • Reusable water bottle. Ideally, we would like to make this a no-waste conference and a good start is by bringing your own water bottle
  • A UK plug adapter! This is the three-prong plug
  • Fancy dress for the party theme, which is Iconic British Celebrities and Characters
  • Anything you will want for Shabbat
  • Your passport/travel documents (reminder to make sure you have more than 6 months left before your passport expires, plus any visa you may need to travel to the UK)
  • A positive attitude and a fun disposition


The Party Theme is…

Iconic British Celebrities and Characters! It’s time to dust off your platform shoes and dress up as Baby Spice, or maybe you’re more of a Posh! Pack your wand and give us your best ‘expelliarmus’, you Hogwarts wannabe! Don’t forget your crown if you are planning to give us your best royal family impression! We can’t wait to see you dress up as the rich and famous of the UK! Here are some more examples to help you out:


Wanted: Storytellers

We’re excited to be hosting a true life storytelling workshop at Internatty Conthis year. We have a few slots for you to share a story (5-7 minutes long) on the theme of Unlikely Friendships. These can be stories from your time at Moishe House but don’t have to be – you are invited to interpret the theme as you like. The only rule is that they must be true stories.

If you’re interested in telling your story to the rest of Internatty Con (we’ll be a friendly audience, we promise!), please email with a brief outline of your story by the end of Monday 1st October.


Trivia Night: We Want Your Answers!

The co-chairs, Michelle and Rudolf, are working on a really fun evening activity where everyone can learn more about all the Moishe Houses at Internatty Con, including your own! Please, go through these questions and send us your answers by Thursday, October 4th to (Pro Tip: you can make it a good “Us Time” activity)


  • What was the most awkward Moishe event you hosted?
  • If your Moishe House had a theme song, what would it be?
  • What was the biggest event you have held at your house?
  • What was the most ridiculous request your MH got? (from a comm member, Jewish Community, RM)?
  • What is the favorite place for you as residents to do meetings?
  • What was the nicest thing a community member did for your MH?
  • What was the best surprise you ever got for a birthday since living in a MH?
  • What was the strangest food you’ve ever eaten or have seen eaten in your house?
  • What was the biggest celebration of your achievements since you moved into your Moishe House?
  • Have you or your roommate got a new hobby or practice since you moved in together?
  • What’s your favorite way to bond with your roomates?
  • What was the strangest job you’ve got since you moved in to a MH?
  • How many emojis do you usually use when you talk to your flatmates?
  • If you could name your Moishe House, what would you name it?
  • How many plants did you kill with your roommates since you moved in together?
  • How long would you live in a Moishe House if you could stay forever?
  • What is your best advice for a future resident?
  • What is your worst advice for a future resident?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I pay to attend Internatty Con?

A: Nope! We will pay for your travel to and from Novotel Excel in London, your food, accommodations and supplies during the conference AND a few surprises!


Q: Is this a Jewish learning conference?

A: Yes AND it is so much more! Internatty Con includes large sessions about Moishe House and small sessions about every topic you can imagine related to your role as a resident. The weekend also includes Shabbat experiences and opportunities for text study, free time, a celebration of all your hard work and plenty of time to bond with residents from across the world.


Q: Do I have to go?

A: Yes and no. If you are a resident in a European, Israeli or the Sydney House, yes, you are expected to come, as described in your resident handbook. For the other houses, you will be given a budget that will be up to your discretion to use towards transportation to Internatty Con, but at least one person per house is expected to attend. Latin American houses will be having their own conference and are not expected to attend Internatty Con.


Q: Is this exclusive to Global Communities residents?

A: Internatty Con is just for residents living in Moishe Houses within Europe, Australia, China, Israel, South Africa and New Zealand. Moishe House residents in other parts of the world have other training conferences they are invited to, that are similar to Internatty Con.


Q: I’m an International MHWOW host. Can I apply to Internatty Con?

A: Unfortunately, no. As much as we would love to see you, Internatty Con is just for residents.


Q: I have food restrictions. How can I be sure I’ll have something that I can eat?

A:  All the meals at Internatty Con will be from a fish and vegetarian menu. If you keep Kosher or have other dietary needs (i.e. vegan or gluten-free), please let us know in your registration and we will be happy to acommodate!


Q: I keep Shabbat. Can I do that at Internatty Con?

A: We make every effort to honor everyone’s Shabbat practices at Moishe House gatherings. We have our “Shabbos Yo” policy, which basically means that if an activity interferes with your Shabbat practice, you don’t have to participate. Due to the nature of some of our spaces and sessions, some electronics, like projectors and microphones will be used occasionally. If you have concerns about Shabbat observance at Internatty Con, please reach out to our International Director of Jewish Education, Faustine Sigal.

Still have questions?
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