The Moishe House International Digest

Welcome to the all new International Digest! This is a resident resource for upcoming retreats, grants available to use and program resources to help you create vibrant and exciting programming. You will also find opportunities for personal growth such as fellowships, jobs and travel. Any questions: email your Regional Support Staff Member!

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Last updated on April 11th, 2019

Moishe House Opportunities



See below for our current grant offerings and click on the logo above the grant to apply.


Whether you are enjoying your favorite dairy meals with some yummy cheesecake or blintzes or staying up late at night doing Jewish learning it’s time to celebrate Shavuot!! We are offering a $50 grant towards Shavuot programming. Shavuot celebrates receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai and also marks the conclusion of counting of the Omer.

Israeli Culture

This opportunity can be utilized one time per month for up to an added $100 of funding towards the specific program. The program must focus on Cultural aspects of Israel such as food, music, art, language, or domestic activities and policies.

Shabbat EPF

This is a great grant to use to enhance a Shabbat Experience! This grant is here to help you create more meaningful Shabbat experiences for your community. International houses have up to $50. Programs must have at least 16 participants to qualify.

EPF (Extraordinary Programming Fund)

EPF is for programs with an intention to create EXTRAORDINARY experiences for your participants – meaning better, bigger or both! Past programs have included boat parties, silent discos, and more! Your EPF program should host at least 30 people. Houses may apply for up to $750 a year with a $500 cap per program.

Activate Local Learning

Engage a local Educator or Rabbi to teach a 3-5 part series class at your Moishe House!  Create a course on Judaism’s view of Miracles or Justice; explore what the Talmud teaches about Cooking or Relationships;  find out what your local educators specialize in! Up to $750 to hire local educator plus materials and snacks.

Program Resources

Zikaron BaSalon - A home-based model to commemorate the Holocaust

Zikaron BaSalon is a social initiative which takes place on the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Day (this year, May 1st, 2019), literally meaning “remembrance in the living room” in Hebrew. Zikaron BaSalon offers a new, engaging and intimate way to commemorate this day and its significance through discussions at home among family, friends and guests. For more information, to get a host kit and to host your own salon, click here.

International Women's Talmud Day - Sunday May 19th

Join the Jewish textual revolution! Believe it or not, it's not that long ago since women were not allowed to study Talmud. Let's celebrate and accelerate! How can you participate? Easy! Learn a piece/story of Talmud with your community, with/about women, either independently or using the online study resources on the International Women's Talmud Day website. Reach out to Faustine if you'd like any support on these types of programs. Make sure to #WomenlearnTalmud in your selfies! Click here to learn more!

Sefaria Jewish Text Sources

Some of the Jewish Education staff from Moishe House have started a group on Sefaria where you can find jewish text source sheets. Sefaria is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the future of Jewish learning in an open and participatory way. They assembled a free living library of Jewish texts and their interconnections, in Hebrew and in translation. This is Moishe House's Sefaria Page. Click to read the winner from international residents who had a contest for source sheets about gender in Jewish text.

Personal Growth Opportunities

Fellowships, Jobs, Travel and Conferences

It takes two…introducing Moishe Pods!

Moishe House is psyched to introduce Moishe Pods – a two-person Moishe House! A Pod is just like a Moishe House, and completely new at the same time. Two incredible community builders will live together in their Moishe Pod and run 3 programs a month, and we’ll help out with a program budget and a rent subsidy. Two people means more awesome programs in new communities, and fewer group texts and chore charts! We are super excited that Internationally we have pods in Manchester, UK & Madrid starting programming very soon, and Amsterdam are househunting!
Think you (and someone you know) would be like two peas in a Moishe Pod?

Apply to open a Moishe Pod here!

Tikkun Olam

Moishe House residents, hosts and staff voted on four pillars of Tikkun Olam for Moishe House at the four resident training conferences in 2018. The four selected themes are:

In 2019, our goal is to have each Moishe House, 100 Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW) hosts and all Moishe House staff members participate in programming related to at least one of these pillars. Which pillar, how you participate and when is completely up to you! For resources and ideas to guide you through an exciting year of Tikkun Olam programming at Moishe House check out Tikkun Olam.