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Welcome to Moishe House SF Valencia, the new iteration of Moishe House San Francisco - located on 22nd Street between Guerrero and Valencia - in the heart of the Mission District. Our goal is for Moishe House to become the place for San Francisco Jews (and Jew-lovers) in their 20's to be. Join us in settling into our new home and starting a new Moishe House chapter. Email us and in the mean time we'll leave the mezuzah up for ya. To subscribe to our mailing list go to:

* If you are looking for Moishe House SF Dolores, also in the Mission District, their webpage is:

Moishe house valencia
GENEROUSLY SPONSORED BY: Koret Foundation, Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund, The Friend Family Foundation, Walter and Elise Haas Fund, Young Adult Division of the Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties, David Agger

Born in the beautiful country of PerĂº, and raised in various parts of the world, Analucia now resides in the vibrant city of San Francisco. An engineer, ethnographer and social worker, Analucia currently teaches in academia and also works for the start-up Shabbat organization, OneTable. Analucia is a baller, gastrodiplomat, xenophile, and enjoys dancing, scuba diving, solving mysteries, the great outdoors, and making people (especially babies) laugh.
My house is such a great home to host events at and I want to create a place where young Jewish people can socialize
I was originally born in Minnesota, but my parents had a wonderful habit of bouncing all around this great country to live in states such as Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Maryland. This frequent relocation helped define much of my character and life experience - I can say that just as interesting as seeing what a lot of what our country has to offer, has been observing Judaism and Jewish Community through a constantly shifting lense. While my family still lives in Memphis, Tennessee, where they settled in 2004, I never lost my sense of adventure, and decided to continue to explore my Jewish identity in sunny California (with a 6-month layover in breathtaking Tel Aviv). I find Moishe House to be a wonderful next step in my journey, and look forward to doing my part to build a community that will last! I greatly enjoy traveling, eating cuisine of all kinds, leading in-depth discussions, watching documentaries, and listening to a good vinyl record, and I'm looking for friends to join me!

Night At The Alamo

Beauty and the Beast!

Let My People Go, Social Justice Seder

Social justice Seder

Figure Drawing Part 3

figuring drawing at the house

Passover Havdallah

Not your average havdallah

The Moth GrandSLAM

Stories on love. life, and perpetual loss in the city of SF

St. Patty's Day Shabbat

Amazing fun St. Patty's Day themed Shabbat, with such delicious entrees as veggie shepard's pie, corned beef and cabbage stew, and Guinness floats! :)

Cake and Comedy

Fun FREE comedy and cupcakes at bustling Blondie's bar! Great Monday night :)

Creative Writing For Ancestral Trauma

Leora fridman led us in a workshop to start thinking about parts of our family's stories that we may not totally understand.