Moishe House - London

Moishe House London, in Willesden Green, was founded in October 2007. From our own home, we bring exciting, creative, non-denominational Jewish community to London, also welcoming and supporting our local community. From Friday night dinners to film showings, impromptu concerts to study sessions, meditation to jam sessions to social action events - the possibilities are endless.

Much of our programming is based around spirituality, the arts and social justice. We see ourselves as standing for experimental,creative and dynamic Judaism in the diaspora, and hope that our values will have a ripple effect on the Jewish and wider community.

There are six Moishe House residents in the House - Hannah, Zac, Em, Ben, Tanya and Andrew.

The rest is down to you - our friends and friends we don't know yet. So get involved, drop in, have a cup of tea, dream up an event...

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Hello! I'm very excited to be joining the Moishe House community and looking forward to all the events that we'll enjoy together. Intrigued by arty things, musicy things, geeky things and things that go "vrooom", I wonder if I've got this community's niches covered. I'm always up for a giggle.
By day a Software Developer, by night a ...
Hello wonderful delightful community! I am Hannah, and I LOVE PEOPLE, and FEEDING PEOPLE! I am a hippie at heart, a dietitian by head, and a musician by soul. I enjoy giving hugs, baking, knitting, samba, crunching leaves, Erykah Badu, smiling, glitter, and mucking in, amongst many other lovely things!
Hello! I love meeting different types of people and learning about other cultures. I am really passionate about social action issues and love to spend time out doors. I tend to always have a smile on my face and am always around to give you a hug if you need one :)
Hello world! I'm so excited to be joining the Moishe House family, and looking forward to running some cool events for our community! In my day job I'm a PhD student in theoretical physics at QMUL, studying the Big Bang. A massive geek at heart, I also love: drawing, painting, vinyl, running, analogue photography, ping pong, meditation, vegetarian cooking, telescopes, synth and bass guitar. Looking forward to exploring new ideas and experiences with you!
I'm Ben, a transplant to London by way of New York City and Chicago. I'm a business consultant by day and a banjo player, avid reader, Indian food enthusiast and bicyclist by evening and weekend. It is such a joy to be part of the Moishe House London community -- can't wait to see you at an upcoming event!
Emily is a children's social worker in London. She is interested in social justice, politics and throwing excellent parties. She is involved in a variety of different Jewish organisations including the MRJ, Yachad and the New Israel Fund.

Film Screening: Pride

We watched the amazing film Pride, and ate Nachos!

Second Night Reverse Seder!

We hosted a second night Seder and ran it in reverse

Dada / Degenerate Art

Art discussion dinner followed by presentation on Jewish involvement in the Dada art movement. A history discussion about how Nazis used the Dadaists to stigmatise Jews and dada's relevance today. Then a collage making exercise in the dada style!


Making food for the homeless - the usual!


Making food for the homeless - the usual joy!

Sadaqa Day

Partnering to feed the homeless in central London!

Health Politics Discussion

Gathering of young Jewish adults working in health and social care to share their views on the current state of the UK health services