Want to explore the intersection of service and Judaism? Want to have a real impact? Join Moishe House residents, MHWOW hosts, and community members in Moishe House’s second Service Learning Trip. Building off Act Now Houston Cohort 1 in May, we will travel back to Houston to support urgent ongoing efforts to recover from Hurricane Harvey’s devastation eight months ago. Hurricane season begins again June 1 and there's still more work to be done. A small group of 15 volunteers will spend approximately 15 hours over the weekend engaging in direct service work. Volunteer projects are subject to change based on the needs of the community but might include: working at a food bank or rebuilding a home, as well engaging in conversations about our role in service work as young Jewish adults. The trip is fully subsidized and there is a travel stipend available to Moishe House residents, hosts, and community members. Act Now Houston is a partnership between the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston and the Leadership Coalition for Jewish Service.