Seattle- South – Pod

About Us

Shalom from Moishe Pod – Seattle South! We are an urban homestead that hopes to be a haven for young Jews to feel at home in our cozy house and humble farmyard!

At “Kibbutz Darom”, we invite you to gather with us and to unite over our shared culture. Come hang out with us in the hammock out front, join our comfy movie night in the living room, and dip some pita in our homemade hummus in the dining room. Don’t forget to say hi to our chickens; Ty Lee, Korra, BooRadley, and Isabel are egg-specting you!

As Jews with diverse backgrounds and stories, we feel called to care for our local Jewish community and for the region that we call home. We hope to ground our community in the spirit of service, the earth, and a sense of place. We honor the differences that we all bring in Jewish practices, origins, and individual identities. We want you to feel like you belong here, because you do. South Seattle boasts the third largest Sephardic Jewish population in the country, and we like our food spicy!

ברוכים הבאים!
Bruchim habaim!

~Adam and Ilana


Our Residents

Adam Engel

ilana Sawyer

Favorite Holiday
Sharon, MA


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