San Diego- Queer- Pod

About Us

We are an LGBTQ+ (Queer and Trans-affirming) Pod that focuses on inclusion and Brave Space for all humans regardless of race, ethnicity, Jewish lineage, cultural beliefs, gender identity/expression, sexual identity, etc. We represent and uplift the full spectrum.

Preston (They/Them) identifies as Lumbee Queer Jew. They are stoked about co-creating that with YOU. Their passion for connection, inclusion, and authentic expression in healing has led them on a journey of exploration, discovery, and transformation.

Jordan (He/Him) identifies as Fat, Queer, Afro-Jew, whose passion is gathering with loved ones over food and ritual. They feel most in their power when dancing, reading, and facilitating nuanced conversations.


Our Residents

Jordan Daniels (He/Him/His)

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East Bay Area
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Preston Locklear


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