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Moishe House Montreal is your home away from home. Guided by our Jewish values and drawing upon our diverse talents and interests, together we honour the voice of pluralism and aim to bring fun, relevant and substantive programming events to allow our community to grow and deepen in meaningful and expansive ways.
The primary goal of this Moishe House is to make all who enter feel welcome and harness the energy of people from right across the Jewish community – all ages, all religious affiliations and none – and from across Montreal regardless of their backgrounds.
The secondary initiative of the house is to create events with a lively approach which enable the exploration of Jewish identity and engage in the process of making the ancient traditions relevant to those wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.
Moishe House Montreal est votre deuxième chez-vous. Guidés par nos valeurs juives et appuyant sur nos divers talents et intérêts, nous honorons la voix du pluralisme et nous aspirons à apporter des événements et programmations amusants, pertinents et substantiels pour aider à notre communauté de grandir et d’approfondir d’une manière significative.
L’objectif principal de notre Moishe House est que tous ceux qui y entrent se sentent bien accueillis et qu’on exploitent l’énergie des gens de la communauté juive – tous les âges, toutes les affiliations religieuses et tous kes non-affiliés- et de Montréal, peu importe leur origine.
L’initiative secondaire de la maison est de créer des événements stimulantes qui permettent l’exploration de l’identité juive et qui facilitent les individus enveloppés dans l’agitation du 21ème siècle de s’engager dans le processus de rendre les anciennes traditions pertinentes pour eux-mêmes et d’autres.

We Are Looking for a New Resident!

Moishe House is seeking a young adult between the ages of 22-32 who is excited about living with others and creating a Jewish community for their peers. Residents of the house receive a generous rent subsidy, programming budget and staff support to host several programs each month. This commitment includes professional and leadership development, flexibility based on your personal interests and connects you to a renowned global community.

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Generously Supported By: The Alvin Segal Family Foundation – Federation CJA Also Supported By: The Alvin Segal Family Foundation – Federation CJA

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