Milwaukee – Pod

About Us

When you look at our house from the outside, you’ll be standing on what was once named one of the most beautiful streets in our country! Open the front door and step onto our red-tiled mudroom filled with plants and bright, natural light. Turn left and welcome to our living room. Take a seat on one of our red ottomans and try not to fall asleep from the comfort. Don’t be afraid to take a step into our dining room. Fresh snack? We have fruit! Something a bit saltier? Grab a bag of chips. Sweet? Have a piece of chocolate. Water? There’s a Brita in the fridge. Tickle in your throat? Here’s some tea – just kidding! We’re still in a pandemic, go home, please. Want to sleep over? We have a guest room! You might hear our rabbit drinking water in the morning but don’t worry, that’s the most noise he’ll make. Do you like dogs? That’s too bad. This one does not acknowledge your presence unless you have food. Anyway – Shabbat is about to start. Meet us at the bonfire in the back!


Our Residents

Leah Biller

Favorite Holiday
Rosh Hashanah
Glenview, Illinois
Psychiatric Nurse

Nicole Gorelik

Favorite Holiday
Mequon, WI
Graduate Students/Advocacy & Outreach Fellow at YWCA


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