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Hey hey hey! We are Moishe House Miami Midtown, located on the beautiful bay right near the heart of Miami’s most exciting city Wynwood! We are a unique community, as Miami Midtown attracts travelers, transplants and locals alike. Coming from a variety of Jewish backgrounds, us as residents have created a space where people from all walks of earth and denominations can feel comfortable and at home. Our goals as a house are to take all of our interests, from farming to baking, swimming to dancing, painting to yoga, and create events that cater to the biggest chillers and party animals alike. At Moishe House Miami Midtown, you can be sure to find everything from game nights to happy hours, pool parties to Jewish cultural classes, Shabbat dinners to volunteer projects. We know Miami is a spot where new folks are always flocking to, and you can be sure that our home will welcome you with open arms, and be a place to make new friends right away. We all know we’re ready to hang out! So come on over and join the fun in the sun!

WE ARE creating our Jewish future!

Moishe House Miami - Midtown wouldn’t exist without the support of people who believe in us and what we do. Once a year, we ask our community members to participate in giving back through the WE ARE Campaign. Beginning Aug 13th - Sept 25th, every dollar that you donate will go directly into programming here at Moishe House Miami - Midtown! Thank you for supporting our house and making a difference in the future of Jewish life in Miami - Midtown.



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Bar Elimelech

Carol Kaplan

Favorite Holiday
Montevideo, Uruguay
Phd student studying Environmental Science and Policy


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Generously sponsored by: Greater Miami Jewish Federation, The Mason-Glazier Philanthropic Fund Also supported by: Jack Chester Foundation, Philip H. Cohen and Suzi Rudd Cohen, Robert Russell Memorial Foundation, Laurie and Robert Wexler, and local supporters through the annual resident-driven WE ARE Campaign

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