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About Us

Hey there, welcome to the LA-Kosher Moishe Pod!

We’re Yosef and Benji. Welcome to our Moishe Pod Newsletter! We are located in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, we believe that this space is for every member of the community, and we are bringing an exciting new twist to traditional Jewish life! What’s the secret ingredient for traditional Jewish life?

Authenticity—we invite you to truly bring your whole self! Our Pod is bravely inclusive and friendly, where all members of the community are welcome, regardless of religious practice, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and more.

Collectively in this Pod we juggle a load of identities, to list a few we are students, professionals, Ashkenaz, traditional, orthodox, queer, music lovers, LA-locals, craftsman, outdoors-people, thrifters, collectors, soup-enthusiasts, woodworkers, kombucha makers, recyclers, Earth and sun appreciators, campers, travelers, theater-geeks, and more. We are bringing our authentic selves, so you can too!

To do this, we make sure to maintain a Kosher kitchen at all times and our programs are curated to represent a broad spectrum of Jewish practice that we have in LA.

Whether you’re a newcomer to LA, just looking for community, a friend, or a soon-to-be friend, we’re excited to meet you soon!


Our Residents

Benjamin Kurnick

Yosef Nemanpour


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