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About Us

Welcome to Moishe Pod Koreatown! Chip and Jenna met in a previous Moishe House and immediately bonded over their love of food, Jewish culture, and making the community a better place than when they found it. Moishe Pod Koreatown is based on inclusivity, kindness, and fun! If you love game nights, themed Shabbat dinners, and fun weekend outings, Moishe Pod Koreatown is the place for you! Join for events where you can meet new people, gather with old friends, and laugh for hours.
If you want to learn more (or are already convinced!), please hit us up! We are always available for our community and cannot wait for you to join and help us grow.
Find us on Instagram at @moishepodktown, follow us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter here.


Our Residents

Jenna Karic

Favorite Holiday
Los Angeles, CA
Legislative Deputy

Chip Kass

Favorite Holiday
Tu B'Shevat
Highland Park, IL
Film/Television Production


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