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Welkom! We are happy that you have stopped to check out our community in Mokum*. We are Ruben and Julia, two young professionals that like to bring people together and host meaningful events. If you like good food, themed and cultural events, Shabbat dinners, and meeting people from all kinds of backgrounds then this is the place for you.
Come join us and let your Jewish soul roam free!

*Fun fact: the word Mokum is how locals in Amsterdam call the city and it stems from the Yiddish/Hebrew word “Makom”, which means “place or safe haven” a.k.a “the place you want to be”.


Our Residents

Ruben Cohen Pellico

Favorite Holiday
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tax Advisor

Julia Kerbel

Favorite Holiday
Rosh Hashana
Amsterdam, Netherlands


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Generously Supported By: American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jim Joseph Foundation, the Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation, The Michael and Andrea Leven Family Foundation and Moishe House International Fund Also Supported By: Young adult community builders giving back through our alumni Ambassador Circle and annual resident-driven WE ARE Campaign This project has been funded by the Kantor Foundation and delivered with the support of the European Jewish Fund.

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