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Welcome to the North American Digest! This is a resident resource for upcoming retreats, available grants, and program resources. You will also find opportunities for personal growth such as fellowships, jobs and travel. Any questions? Email your Regional Support Staff member.

Last updated on May 15th, 2019

Moishe House Opportunities


Community Starts with You: A MHWOW Retreat
May 31 - Jun 2, 2019
Los Angeles, CA

As a MHWOW host, you juggle many roles: event planner, social connector, the chef (or takeout guru), and programmer just to name a few. When was the last time you slowed down and hit pause with yourself? Join us for *Community Starts with You*, the first MHWOW retreat of 2019. Part personal development, part wellness, part soaking up the California sunshine, the retreat will focus on you so you can return to your community focused and energized. We’ll connect together with a spiritual Shabbat overlooking the Bel Air hills, learn with LA’s top Jewish educators and experts, and relax with other MHWOW hosts from across the country. Take care of yourself as a Jewish leader so you can be inspired to create Jewish life for your community.

Take Back Saturday: The 25 Hour Shabbat Experience
June 21 - Jun 23, 2019
Baltimore, MD

Shabbat is by far the most frequent (and arguably the most special) Jewish holiday since we get to celebrate it every week! It gives us an opportunity to reset, relax and reflect. At this retreat, we'll learn how to invigorate Shabbat programs by enhancing our understanding of the day of rest beyond just a Friday night meal into a 25-hour experience with several opportunities for new and innovative perspectives.

Take A Hike: Havdalah Outdoors
June 28 - Jun 30, 2019
Petaluma, CA

Havdalah, or "separation" in Hebrew, is the hallmark ritual that marks the transition between Shabbat and the rest of the week. We will learn how to curate Havdalah and other Shabbat programs for your home community and how best to utilize the public, outdoor resources available to you at home. Being in the beautiful setting of Sonoma County, California gives us a wonderful opportunity to be outdoors together and create an unforgettable Havdalah experience. (Warning: please DO try this at home!)

Applications are currently being reviewed for these Retreats but applications are open for all 2019 Learning Retreats! Our 2019 Retreat calendar is up to view here.


Immersive Experiences

Camp Nai Nai Nai

Camp Nai Nai Nai is the ultimate Jewish summer camp for adults in their 20s and 30s, powered by Moishe House! A radical experiment in Jewish community building - where what you do for a living doesn’t define you, everyone is welcome, and spontaneous adventures await. Registration for Camp Nai Nai Nai is now open!

West Coast: August 23 - 25, 2019 in Santa Cruz, CA
Earn rewards by referring new campers! Create your own unique house link ( to include in your newsletters and social media posts to track your referrals!
Refer 3+ new campers --> Receive double US Time funds ($50)!
Refer 5+ new campers --> Receive double Shabbat Dinner funds ($75)!
Refer 10+ new campers --> Receive 6 months of Beer or Wine of the Month Club ($300)!

Learn More Here!

It takes two…introducing Moishe Pods!

Moishe House is psyched to introduce Moishe Pods – a two-person Moishe House! A Pod is just like a Moishe House, and completely new at the same time. Two incredible community builders will live together in their Moishe Pod and run 3 programs a month, and we’ll help out with a program budget and a rent subsidy. Two people means more awesome programs in new communities, and fewer group texts and chore charts!
Think you (and someone you know) would be like two peas in a Moishe Pod?

Apply to open a Moishe Pod here!

Tikkun Olam

Moishe House residents, hosts and staff voted on four pillars of Tikkun Olam for Moishe House at the four resident training conferences in 2018. The four selected themes are:

In 2019, our goal is to have each Moishe House, 100 Moishe House Without Walls (MHWOW) hosts and all Moishe House staff members participate in programming related to at least one of these pillars. Which pillar, how you participate and when is completely up to you! For resources and ideas to guide you through an exciting year of Tikkun Olam programming at Moishe House check out Tikkun Olam.

One Table + Moishe House

OneTable is excited to help you host monthly Shabbat dinners! If your house wants to host a Shabbat dinner with OneTable, they can offer resources like ritual guides, recipes, conversation starters, and more. Each Moishe House location is eligible to request Nourishment credits once a month. OneTable has also launched a potluck feature ( on its platform to make hosting regularly even more accessible. Each guest can sign up to bring an item when they RSVP. While we are actively working on a national OneTable x Moishe House partnership, please do not put “Moishe House”/“MoHo” in the dinner title; you may include the organization name in the dinner description and access the searchable “tag” function.

Learn More


From our Extraordinary Programming fund, Shabbat grants, Holiday incentive grants and more, we’ve got you covered to make sure you can create the most meaningful and spirited programs! See below for our current grant offerings.

Shavuot Incentive Grant - Up to $50!

Whether you are enjoying your favorite dairy meals with some yummy cheesecake or blintzes or staying up late at night doing Jewish learning it’s time to celebrate Shavuot!! We are offering a $50 grant towards Shavuot programming. Shavuot celebrates receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai and also marks the conclusion of counting of the Omer (49 days of counting from Passover to Shavuot in anticipation of the Torah and the spring harvest.)

Apply Now!

Shabbat EPF

This is a great grant to use to enhance a Shabbat Experience! Can be used for programs such as making Hadvdallah Spice Jars, paying an instructor to teach a yoga class, boosting a Shabbat dinner menu, or even supplies for a mini Spa day. This grant is here to help you create more meaningful Shabbat experiences for your community. Houses in NA may apply for up to $75 a month and International houses have up to $50. Programs must have at least 16 participants to qualify.

Apply Now!

Israeli Culture Grant Application

Remember you are able to apply for the Israeli Cultural Grant. This grant opportunity can be utilized one time per month for up to an added $100 of funding towards the specific program. The program must focus on Cultural aspects of Israel such as food, music, art, language, or domestic activities and policies. If you have any questions regarding the eligibility of the program, please contact your Regional Support. Apply Now!

Extraordinary Programming Fund

EPF is for programs with a clear intention to create meaningful and EXTRADORNAIRY experiences for your participants - meaning better, bigger or preferably both! Please let us know in your application the intention of your program and the content that you will use to achieve that intention. Past programs have included boat parties, backyard music concerts, silent discos, and so many more! Your EPF program should be thoughtful and exciting and host at least 30 people. Houses may apply for up to $750 a year with a $500 cap per program. Check in with your Regional Manager to start brainstorming!

Apply Here

Activate Local Learning Grant

Create the Jewish learning course of your dreams! Engage a local Educator or Rabbi to teach a 3-5 part series class at your Moishe House!   We’ve found that all too often the most inspiring local rabbis and educators are only available for a one-time learning opportunity, maybe just once in a while.  This grant is meant to support residents who want to do some serious Jewish learning and develop a relationship with a local educator.   Create a course on Judaism’s view of Miracles or Justice; explore what the Talmud teaches about Cooking or Relationships.  Craft a Course on Kabbalah or Hasidic Thought, or the Hebrew language, Take a Deep Dive into Jewish poetry, find out what your local educators specialize in!  Connect with a local rabbi, professor, or teacher on your own or connect with Rabbi Brad who has networks of educators in cities around the country and will work with you to find a local educator that fits the style/needs of your house. Course is at least a 3 part series  up to $750 to hire local educator plus materials and snacks over a 3 part series ($500 for international houses) Apply here

Program Resources

#friendseder Powered by The Well

We know how hard it can sometimes be to get back home to family for Passover, much less think about hosting your own seder, still, there is something really lovely about bringing framily (friends that have become like family) all together to celebrate this annual ritual, to create new traditions and pay homage to those of your family of origin. Enter #friendseder – think Friendsgiving, but with more matzah and a guidebook to see you through the whole evening. #friendseder aims to put you in the Passover spirit without all of the potential stress of Uncle Lenny’s line of questioning about your career choices and can take place any time you like. Powered by The Well, #friendseder is many things – a website,, with tons of tips on hosting your first seder, a Hagaddah ready for you to print and use around your table, links to lots of other resources for making this #friendseder a night to remember, live (and recorded) webinars all about how to host a #friendseder, the full support of the #friendseder and The Well team, and, of course, the hashtag, #friendseder, to make sure your #friendseder is counted amongst the countless others that will take place around the country. Sign up at and we’ll get you set up with everything you need! Hosting is all about empowering YOU to be inspired by Passover and feel a part of something larger than just your own dinner/hosting opportunity.

Sefaria Jewish Text Sources

Some of the Jewish Education staff from Moishe House have started a group on Sefaria where you can find jewish text source sheets. Sefaria is a non-profit organization dedicated to building the future of Jewish learning in an open and participatory way. They assembled a free living library of Jewish texts and their interconnections, in Hebrew and in translation. With these digital texts, it will allow more people to engage with the textual treasures of our tradition This is Moishe House’s Sefaria Page  The international residents had a contest for source sheets about gender in Jewish text and we wanted to share the winner from Galadriel of Moishe House Brussels who used a cheesecake recipe as a methodology for text study :

Gone are the days when death talk was a whisper and taboo. Reboot’s Death over Dinner – Jewish Edition project is inviting communities to convene conversations about death with the ease of breaking bread. The Jewish Edition is a collaboration between Death Over Dinner, IKAR and Reboot. Based on Michael Hebb’s Death Over Dinner project, we’re proud to be leading the Jewish launch, crystalizing conversations through a Jewish lens. Interested in hosting a “Death over Dinner” dinner? Head on over to the website and check out their incredible resources

Hebrew History 101 with BimBam

What is the history of Hebrew? Get a quick introduction in an all-new video from our friends at BimBam. Did you know that the Hebrew spoken today is different from the Hebrew in the Bible? Learn more about the history of Modern Hebrew in an all-new video from @heybimbam

Personal Growth Opportunities

Fellowships, Jobs and Conferences

The 2019-20 Repair the World Fellowship

This Fellowship is a unique, full-time, 11 month opportunity for individuals ages 21– 26 who are passionate about social justice, community engagement, and meaningful service to recruit and engage the Jewish community to address issues of hunger and education access through volunteering. Fellows will recruit, train, and serve alongside volunteers to bring about real community change. In 2017-18, our Fellows engaged over 25,000 individuals in our programming. Rolling applications are open until May 24, 2019. Apply Here!

The 2019 Adamah Farming Fellowship, CT

The Adamah Fellowship is a two to three-month program for adults ages 20-35 that integrates organic agriculture, farm-to-table living, Jewish learning, community building, social justice and spiritual practice.  Adamah cultivates the soil and the soul to produce food, to build and transform identities and to gather a community of people changing the world.  We grow organic vegetables, fruit, herbs, goats, flowers, eggs, and we grow people through experiences with ecology, food production, social justice, spiritual practice, a vibrant evolving Judaism, and intentional community. Admission is on a rolling basis, join us for one of our sessions! Apply Here!

The 2019 Urban Adamah Farming Fellowship, CA

Connect to Something Bigger! The Urban Adamah Fellowship, based in Berkeley, CA, is a three-month residential training program for young adults (ages 21–31) that combines urban organic farming, social justice training and progressive Jewish learning and living within the setting of an intentional community. Admission is on a rolling basis. Information and applications are available on their website. Check out their upcoming session!

  • Fall: September 9 – November 21 (application deadlines: May 12, July 14)

Become a BBYO Advisor

Do you want to change the lives of young Jewish teens? Give back to your community? Expand your network? BBYO advisors serve as positive role models working in partnership with staff members to supervise and guide AZA and BBG chapters. Advisors support BBYO members by exploring opportunities for teens to grow into dynamic and engaged young Jewish leaders. More information is available on their website.

Travel and Other Opportunities

Masa Programs in Israel

Whether you are looking to gain international experience, develop leadership skills, or see what it really means to live in the Startup Nation, you need to check out Masa Israel Journey. Masa offers over 300 4-12 month study abroad, internship, volunteer and graduate programs in Israel.

If you are interested in building your resume in Israel, having a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and exploring everything Israel has to offer, reaches out directly to Hayley Geller ( to receive more information about Masa programs and available funding.

Join Olam to do service across the globe

Check out this great resource that outlines amazing opportunities to do social justice in developing countries around the world. OLAM is a broad coalition of partner organizations, working together to raise awareness in the global Jewish community of the importance of supporting the world’s most vulnerable communities and to improve the quality of our work on the ground.

Travel with ENTWINE in 2019

Check out the complete list of trips here. Moishe House scholarships can help you get there! JDC Entwine has significant subsidies available, as does Moishe House.

Join the Pardes Year Program!

The Pardes Year Program offers you the opportunity to delve deeply into Jewish ideas, texts and personals questions empowering you to make Judaism your own. You’ll come away with skills, knowledge and inspiration under your belt, a lifelong community of passionate peers and mentors and the life-changing experience of living and learning in vibrant, fascinating Jerusalem.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.