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Couldn’t make it to our previous webinars? We have recordings from every virtual gathering! From chats with residents around the world to trainings on icebreakers, we’ve got your online community right here.

Global Voices with Moishe House

A weekly series featuring Moishe House community builders around the world sharing their individual perspectives on the global pandemic and how they are staying connected to their communities virtually

Moishe House Residents in Brussels &
Kharkiv & Boston

Recorded on May 19

Moishe House Residents in Los Angeles &
Rome (featuring an Expedition Nai Playshop)

Recorded on May 5

Moishe House Residents in Kyiv,
London & San Francisco

Recorded on April 21

Moishe House Residents in Rio de Janeiro,
Barcelona & North America

Recorded on April 7

Moishe House Residents in Shanghai, Rome,
New York City & Seattle

Recorded on March 19

Moishe House Residents & Alumni in Melbourne,
Fort Lauderdale & Philadelphia

Recorded on May 27

Moishe House Residents & Alumni in Jerusalem,
Prague, Rio de Janeiro & Amsterdam

Recorded on May 12

Moishe House Residents in NYC,
Prague & Mexico City

Recorded on April 28

Moishe House Residents in
Budapest, Shanghai & Boston

Recorded on April 14

Moishe House Residents in Be’er Sheva,
Paris & New Orleans

Recorded on March 31

Near, Far, Wherever You Are!

A weekly learning lab for Moishe House community builders covering topics relevant to their newly virtual communities.

Ignite Your Shabbos Flame!
Recorded on May 21

Finding Your Virtual Voice with Sarah Hurwitz
Recorded on April 30

Online Icebreakers & Games
Recorded on April 13

Let It Go!: A Pesach Liberation Webinar
Recorded on March 29

Zoom Is Your Stage: Camera Presence with Taylor Louderman
Recorded on May 14

“Don’t Hate” with Paul Galan
Recorded on April 27

Passover Programming
Recorded on April 2

Special Events

Recorded on August 6

#PassTheMic at Moishe House
Recorded on June 16

Badass Women of Moishe House
Recorded March 25, 2021

Shavuot Night Live
Recorded May 31, 2020